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Chongqing in this street, carrying is not only time – Travel Sohu rush in Chongqing tourism summit upsurge, and southern tourism hospitality, not to write more consciously Nan’an too unkind. Besides, this old Hao, has been my planned trip, but did not find a strange combination of circumstances the chance to enjoy its lovely pretty face! Well, I called a strange combination of circumstances, that is not because of inertia. At this time, about a photography beauty, opened this journey of discovery. The other side then follow me into the mountain, taste a vague memory of those years away left – Ho street. Go to the ho station, the car, facing the entrance has a trail is the street. From the entrance, we can not feel the passage of time and the traces left behind. The wall here, many are covered in moss pecking, that has begun to peel off the wall, revealing a red brick! Look far, I saw Aoki surrounded, not under the circumstances. Because the street has not yet been developed, so preserved in addition to houses, the green is protected very well, in fact, if not the old brick wall, this environment, really now is better than the ecological area too much! With the terrace to come down, can see the first few buildings of brick and tile. This house at present, is dangerous. But the appearance, which undoubtedly provides too much nostalgia clues to some young people. Such a layer of housing in general, there are several families, we get along very well with each other next door neighbours. In fact, such a housing in the south a little north of the meaning of quadrangles, social housing. The more than and 30 year old man like me, I was quite different, after all experienced this time, it seems, lead a person to endless aftertastes! We shot in the house next to the details, and I was attracted by the water meter. Now the city, the basic update has become a single table, this can only be from the appearance or function of water meters are advanced many. This old water meter really let me step in to observe some. Looking at the turntable on the water meter to keep turning, just like the vitality of life constantly running. Even in this increasingly depressed environment, but also can not stop the surging life notes! We went on and found the following beauty. This is an old factory, the sound from the inside of the machine, we infer that this should still work. This factory houses walls, has been fully occupied bostonivy. In the new leaves and yellow green old branches collocation, is presented to us as a land of idyllic beauty aura sight. The world of long distance, the yearning of the heart! Ho Street, although not in the bustling street snack shop, but it seems to tell us, here is not dead! Whether it is a small noodle shop or noodle shop, all I see is a good business. Here are some residents even People are hurrying to and fro., are in love with this shop, because some shops have not opened youth month for residents, to the store to sit is a kind of habit, is a kind of feelings! Which street apart from human, animal is an important and unavoidable scenery! In such a street, people tend to keep some!相关的主题文章: