Close the Beijing net signed false marriage — real estate purchase link —

Close the "Beijing net signed false marriage — real estate purchase link" — original title: "Beijing net signed false marriage link blocking" purchase in Beijing recently, the false path to get married to buy a house suffered plugging in government departments. It is understood that, for the closure of the purchase of real estate through false marriage cheat purchase, both sides of the house, has been unable to purchase the name of a party in the name of a separate room. It is understood that the city has been the implementation of the new initiatives in the purchase link network. No purchase qualifications the room alone cannot be signed according to the understanding, through this new initiative Purchase Net signed links, if both husband and wife together to buy a house, the man, the woman did not have qualified buyers, then you can not only the name of this room. Previously, the couple to buy a house, the house on the "name" will have three ways: the man and woman, both sides. After the implementation of the new regulations, the party does not qualify for the purchase of Beijing, it can not be alone in the room. This year, including Beijing, including the first tier cities housing prices rose. A person who intends to purchase through false marriage, said so many years of experience, or the highest return on investment in real estate. Invested 500 thousand yuan, the loan of $1 million 500 thousand, according to some of the core areas of housing prices, if half of the house prices rose by 25%, the rate of return on investment of up to $100%. This profiteering mentality, so that many people do not have the qualifications of the purchase of temporary marriage through the "housing ticket" to enter the property market. Since the introduction of the purchase order in February 2011 in Beijing, a lot of foreign buyers have been limited, thus giving birth to a false marriage, such as the purchase of non legitimate means of qualification. Although the introduction of Beijing city in 2013 of the "new country five" clearly stipulates: "do not truthfully declare, providing false materials cheat purchase eligible families, not for property registration, families bear the corresponding legal responsibility, shall not purchase a home in the city, and in 5 years. If a crime is constituted, criminal liability shall be investigated according to law." However, through false marriage to buy a case still does not disappear. "False marriage" has been the purchase price tag of the Beijing Youth Daily reporter previously in a number of real estate intermediary companies to investigate the "fake marriage" of the purchase, some small real estate intermediary even this price, the price ranging from 50 thousand yuan to 150 thousand yuan. These real estate intermediary to collect a lot of Beijing household registration, these Beijing household registration has become a fake marriage marriage room ticket, they are married to help people buy fake way, the final payment. This transaction is fast one or two weeks to complete, a short period of a few months, before the two sides to buy a property to be notarized before marriage, just buy a house can handle divorce procedures. A real estate salesman even described this as a policy based risk-free arbitrage, due to the presence of profits, attracting some real estate intermediary as the main industry. "False marriage" purchase multiple risk according to the understanding, the couple in the house, no longer alone does net link property without party purchase qualification in the name of. In fact, this initiative has been introduced for some time, mainly in order to prevent some people fake marriage drilling housing purchase policy loopholes. But in actual operation, a number of false marriage property buyers can still be相关的主题文章: