Coal prices in Inner Mongolia rose for 3 months in a row — Energy – People’s

Inner Mongolia coal prices rose for the 3 consecutive month — energy — Xinhua Hohhot August 25th news (reporter Peng Yuan) reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region development and Reform Commission, July Inner Mongolia coal pit settlement price, coal purchase price rose slightly again, for the 3 consecutive month of coal prices continued to rebound. In July, the average settlement price of the power coal pit in Inner Mongolia was 124.63 yuan / ton, up 3.05% compared with the same period, and it was 1.15% lower than that of the previous year. Among them, Hubei you Erdos City coal prices rose significantly, the average pit settlement price 141.67 yuan / ton, rose 13.33%, rose 24.51%. The average settlement price of brown coal in the eastern region is 96.64 yuan per ton, the ring ratio increases 0.27%, and the year-on-year decrease of 7.24%. At the same time, the region’s coal average purchase price of 142.96 yuan / ton, up 4.42%, down 9.11%; converted into standard coal (7000 kcal) after an average of 268.36 yuan / ton, up 8.69%, down 1.87%. Among them, the eastern region of coal the average purchase price of 151.19 yuan / ton, up 1.22%, down 1.29%; coal in western region the average purchase price for 136.39 yuan / ton, up 7.43%, down 15.08%. Related experts said that the supply side reform policy continued, the coal market short supply in short supply, prices continued to rebound. In the short term, tight supply and low port inventory will also continue. With the peak of summer rush hour coming, the price of coal will continue to rise in August. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)

內蒙古煤炭價格連續3個月上漲–能源–人民網   新華社呼和浩特8月25日專電(記者彭源)記者從內蒙古自治區發改委了解到,7月份內蒙古動力煤坑口結算價、電煤購進價再度小幅上漲,實現連續3個月煤炭價格持續回暖。   7月份,內蒙古主產地動力煤坑口平均結算價格為124.63元/噸,環比上漲3.05%;同比下降1.15%。其中,鄂尒多斯市動力煤價格漲幅明顯,平均坑口結算價格141.67元/噸,環比上漲13.33%,同比上漲24.51%。東部地區褐煤平均坑口結算價格為96.64元/噸,環比上漲0.27%,同比下降7.24%。   同時,全區電煤平均購進價格為142.96元/噸,環比上漲4.42%,同比下降9.11%;折算為標准煤(7000大卡)後平均值為268.36元/噸,環比上漲8.69%,同比下降1.87%。其中,東部地區電煤平均購進價格為151.19元/噸,環比上漲1.22%,同比下降1.29%;西部地區電煤平均購進價格為136.39元/噸,環比上漲7.43%,同比下降15.08%。   相關專傢表示,受供給側改革政策的持續,煤炭市場短期出現供不應求,價格持續回升。短期來看,供應偏緊和港口庫存持續低位的情況還將持續,隨著“迎峰度夏”用電高峰期的到來,8月份煤炭價格還將持續上漲。 (責編:杜燕飛、王靜)相关的主题文章: