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The money market in August 25th set currency view media sources: Chinese coin collection online G20 summit gold and silver coins to be issued, are you ready? Gold: yesterday (August 24th) the plate during the gold in the below 123536 support defense after breaking the record low since July 27th $1223, quickly fell to allow many investment friends followed in low consolidation continue to be taken by surprise. Gold fell 1% Wednesday, at $1324.66 an ounce. There is no news on the market to promote the dollar or gold, investors are still waiting for the Beijing time on Friday night 22:00 Yellen is about to give a speech at the meeting of the Central Bank of Jackson, the Central Bank of the United States on. With the upcoming G20 summit, scheduled for gold and silver coins issued G20 summit this month 29 days was also brought to the attention of the investment boom, by the fans chasing, has now been scheduled, expected in 29 days after the issue has sold the trend of shelves. Shenyang 120 anniversary of the panda plus coin heat has subsided, the price of gold and silver coins today quoted near 3650, a single silver fell near 480-500, the volume can not be displayed. Dazu rock carvings and auspicious culture series of basic market fluctuations, the overall turnover plate is insufficient. Dazu treasure network offer today is still in the range of 3650-3730, offer a slight change in single silver turnover of about 600-630 kg, silver 12300-12900, fell slightly, small amount of the transaction, 150 grams of gold to continue at 102000-105000. 2016 auspicious cultural series of sets of gold and silver coins offer no change, today’s full set of gold and silver with the number quoted at $14800, with a full set of the same number of silver coins edged down slightly to 2300 yuan. Gold and silver prices and May there be surpluses every year. descendants flourish has remained in the range of 3450-3480, 580-630 and 580-620 respectively in a single coin near some fine-tuning. Concentric Bingdi today offer still rose slightly to around 4200, single silver at 730, Wu Fu Shou arch offer slightly adjusted to near 4000, single silver at 600, the volume can not. Panda coins prices also fluctuate slightly with the price of gold. 16 sets of cat today annuity in the vicinity of 16500 yuan, 30 grams of silver cat in the vicinity of the 154.5-155.5 small transactions, the market is relatively steady, 30 grams, 15 grams, 8 grams of gold price fluctuation with the cat were about 8650, 4320 and 2330, 3 grams and 1 grams of gold cat were reported by 890 and 343, a slight fluctuation. 16 years, the price of 150 grams of gold cat has been adjusted in 48200-48800 or so, the price is flat, the price of about 50 grams of gold cat about a small deal.相关的主题文章: