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Students invention parking artifact   Park 12 cars accounted for only 2.5 of car space education — original title: students invented parking artifact flywheel parking renderings robot with the rapid development of automobile industry, more and more people to become "car owners", but has become a lot of parking people’s heart pain". The day before, the flywheel parking robot project group of Guangzhou Nanyang College Department of electrical and mechanical Junior where Zhou Yubo invented a parking "artifact" — the "flywheel parking robot", not only solve the problem of parking, but also greatly improve the safety and environment of parking parking equipment. It is reported that this parking "artifact" by National Patent Office granted patent last month. Stop 12 cars accounted for only about the size of the 2.5 car space reporters from the inventor to see the model picture, the flywheel type parking robot design is very unique, similar to the reduced version of Ferris wheel". According to reports, the "parking robot" by two carrier turntable composition, each side of the garage on the surrounding carrier laid along the turntable 6 compartments, which means that the robot can park 12 cars, 2.5 cars only occupied space. "This device is different from the mode of parking equipment on the straight, straight down, the new parking robot rotating structure and new technology of collocation technique, the closed car can realize rolling parking, not only save the area, improve the utilization rate of the space, we can also adjust the parking position according to the actual needs of customers and field." Zhou Yubo introduced in April this year, Nanyang Industry Research Institute held the first fund project started, the development of flywheel parking robot project successfully become one of the 18 project. After the project is fully teacher guidance and financial support, which also is the National Patent Office granted patent. Inspired by the "playground Ferris wheel" reporter learned that the project team a total of 4 members, design director Zhou Yubo is the Nanyang Polytechnic Vocational College of mechanical and electrical systems Junior. Zhou Yubo told reporters that the invention originated in a large mechanical design work, which is derived from the amusement park Ferris wheel". "When I was a freshman, I attended a school enterprise cooperation order class training, often to complete all kinds of mechanical design work, in a final assignment, I design the flywheel type parking robot was a teacher at a glance, and continue to improve the design requirements." Zhou Yubo said that from the beginning of sophomore, he began to improve the program, and try to participate in all kinds of national, provincial machinery design competition. In fact, from the beginning of the concept map drawing to the final knot and patent licensing, Zhou Yubo said frankly: "because it is not easy to innovative design, many parts are not readily available, players often run to the hardware store to find parts, processing tools, while doing some robot components, complex components, have to use 3D printing technology." Guangzhou Nanyang Polytechnic vocational college that will help students to patent achievements into practical application. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章: