Create the worst record of 9 years, the worst Ibrahimovic trapped in the 588 minute goal shortage (v-rainism

A person’s poor record! The worst in 9 years of Ibrahimovic in 588 minutes [star] Ibrahimovic scored against Manchester United lost along continuous ball shortage difficult to win Ibrahimovic helped the Reds lost the opportunity to ask the heaven Speechless Tencent October 30th sports news Manchester United in crisis, Ibrahimovic also has a drought…… Mourinho needed to break Ibrahimovic to save the tide, and Ibrahimovic also eager to prove himself to break. In the face of Burnley, people see the Premier League since the most cruel and most hard, the wave shot of Ibrahimovic, but not the 12 foot shot wildly into Ibrahimovic, but a 9 year most embarrassing goals. Before the current round of Ibrahimovic, is the worst in 6 years, Ibrahimovic – before the station, he has not scored for the second round of the five. Since September 2010, Ibrahimovic in Serie A, La Liga, France, England, has five consecutive league scoring. With so much pressure, Ibrahimovic hopes to end the current goal drought. But for the Swede to be embarrassed, he got a lot of scoring opportunities, but once again be zero. Now Ibrahimovic has not scored for 6 consecutive league games, since he was in Inter in December 2007 set a goal drought so far, this is the worst personal goal in the past year, the worst of the 9 Ibrahimovic. Obviously not because Ibrahimovic is not hard enough, nor is it because his teammates did not create opportunities for him. He finished the game with 12 attempts, after less than 30 seconds, the Swedish people fired in the restricted area arc, but the fight is too much by the keeper. This proves that Ibrahimovic is not feeling well tonight. Ibrahimovic shooting almost interrupted the game’s goalkeeper arm, Ibrahimovic continue to "spit cake" highlights: sixteenth minutes he Tui pole, forty-first minutes away by goalkeeper; close goalkeeper was singled out, Sidon confiscated; sixty-first minutes, Ibrahimovic small restricted wonderful volley shot burst and the letter was goalkeeper unbelievable. Ibrahimovic’s bad luck, performance to the extreme in sixty-seventh minutes, he took the free kick header after the ball hit Hendrik line, has conquered the goalkeeper – the game making 11 saves goalkeeper – but Sidon blocked out the door beam. After the game, Ibrahimovic can only look up in the sky: it is heaven help "Bo", "man does not help"! Of course, no need to blame Ibrahimovic, at least from tonight he so many chances to score, tactical role Swedish power and ability, there is no doubt, he just need a bit of luck, a little peace of mind. Into the goal shortage striker, impulsive mentality, grasp the opportunity is not good, this is a common thing on the pitch. But Ibrahimovic is out there, a featurette: the war in sixty-first minutes when Ibrahimovic shot burst goalkeeper Sidon, after the praise of Ibrahimovic. Sidon said: "how I saved Ibrahimovic Leipzig so wonderful? At that time, I felt I had two people behind the door ready to block, so I think I should go out to block the angle of Ibrahimovic shot, cut his space, the body to start to better fight. Thankfully, his shot hit me! It was so powerful that it nearly broke my arm!" From this we can see the details of Ibrahimovic tonight is how angry and violent, but unfortunately, all his efforts against the goalkeeper, but opponents opponents and their bad luck frame. (Leng Xue)相关的主题文章: