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A door-to-door delivery of mobile phone virus, the elderly 11 million 560 thousand yuan fraud – Sohu door-to-door delivery of mobile phone virus technology fraud, fraud 11 million 560 thousand yuan of elderly people living alone according to the report, Shenzhen police on the afternoon of 26 reported a major fraud police intelligence, Shenzhen a 78 year old elderly people living alone suffered this new type of telecommunications fraud, cheated 11 million 560 thousand yuan. August 20th, the victim received a call on his cell phone, the other told the old man, you have a package suspected of smuggling". Immediately, another phone call in, claiming that the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, requiring the victim immediately to the bank card under his name to open online banking, security checks. In the morning, the old man went to the bank counter for online banking transfer function, and through the phone call Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of the phone, reported the bank card number and online banking transfer password. In the afternoon, the victim returned to the home, a young woman to give the victim sent two non intelligent mobile phone, the mobile phone card inserted into the original old one, another is not showing the number of incoming and outgoing. The woman also in front of the old man’s computer operation, implanted Trojan virus. From the beginning of the 20 day, the old bank account to start continuous online transfer fraudsters designated bank account, a total of 63 pen, continued to 26 days, a total of 11 million 560 thousand yuan was transferred away, until the victim’s bank card is the network phone, the old man found himself deceived, and the police on the same day 14. Start stop, 11 million 560 thousand yuan from the victim have been distributed to 593 accounts and withdrawals, most of the withdrawal point in overseas. Currently, Shenzhen police have set up a task force to carry out the investigation of the case. Via Tencent technology Apple suffered pig teammates! China Telecom early exposure iPhone 7 recently micro-blog users broke the news show, China Telecom has released the 7 iPhone reservation page, enter the name and mobile phone number and fill in the verification code, you can make an appointment. From the screenshot exposure, iPhone 7 will be "waterproof upgrade", "cancel the headset interface, wireless charging, battery life longer and more" and "Bluetooth headset collocation" and "deep blue" and "32GB ROM", "double rear 1200W megapixel camera" features. These features are roughly the same as the previous exposure. It seems that iPhone 7 is not far away from us, is your kidney ready? NASA arrived near Jupiter detector wood, Jupiter Ultra HD Photo exposure NASA (NASA) launched Juno (Juno) Jupiter detector EDT 27 day 8:51, arrived in the near There was no parallel in history. wood, and open to all scientific instruments since its carrying as Jupiter took the history of the most clear photo". This is the first time that human beings have the opportunity to observe the largest planet in the solar system at a very close distance. 1 billion 100 million beautiful world相关的主题文章: