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Dallas or into a new season dark horse Durant is actually one of the biggest contributor Durant joined sina sports news Beijing warriors cause chain reaction time on September 3rd, according to the "Fansided" website reported that this summer, Kevin Durant decided to join the Jinzhou warriors. Although he came to enhance the strength of the warriors, but also to help another team – Dallas mavericks. When Durant decided to join the warriors, which means that the warriors lineup must be apart. Considering that Harrison – Barnes is a restricted free agent, and he and Durant play in the same position, he would definitely want to leave. It is another. The Mavericks had been for Harrison – Barnes a 4 year $94 million maximum salary offer, so the warriors forced in a dilemma, whether they match the Mavericks offer depends on whether Durant decided to warriors. Over the past few years, the Mavericks have been frustrated in the free agent market, so they are very keen to get a high quality free agent. From that point of view, Durant left the possibility of the thunder team? In fact, not very large. Suddenly, on July 4th, Durant announced that he would join the braves. Also on the same day, Barnes agreed to accept the Mavericks offer. In order to sign Durant, the Warriors must send it, because the latter has a contract, so only in the form of the transaction. In order to respect boggarts’s personal wishes, the warriors make the center choose between Dallas and houston. Finally, it chose the calf. With boggarts leave, the warriors knew their number five is very weak. Subsequently, they soon introduced Zaza Pachulia and David – West and Javier – Mcgee. At the same time, after boggarts and Barnes, the Mavericks have a very good defensive starting lineup. Because Durant chose to join the warriors, so that the Mavericks have harvested a dream of their protection. Barnes will be the Mavericks’ future core players and key players. Durant joined the warriors to get a top scorer, but did he make some of the warriors weak? It needs time to prove. For the Mavericks, through the operation of the summer, they may become a dark horse in the new season. It would be impossible for Durant to join the warriors. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: