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Daqing full stop BYO service charge consumers call 12315 to report the original title: the provincial people’s Congress to my city hotel on BYO service fee behavior qualitative: "corkage fee" my city full stop BYO service fee now, consumers to the restaurant to eat meal BYO Zaiyu service fee, can call 12315 to report in September 28th, reporters in the market supervision and Management Bureau, the city has been a formal reply to the provincial people’s Congress Hotel qualitative BYO service fee behavior, which belongs to the "corkage fee", therefore, our city full stop catering service fee to bring their own drinks. When it comes to the issue of service fees charged drinks, dating back to 2008. At that time, in order to compensate for the decline in profits caused by customers to bring their own drinks in the hotel, take up little measure still effective case, by the dozen restaurant owners proposed to bring their own drinks, hotel service fee, this voice came out, immediately got a response, hundreds of hotel owners and then. Some member of City Hotel Association decided that from July 2, 2008 onwards, to bring their own drinks charge service fees, charges for 10%. From the date of the collection of beverage service charges, the friction between consumers and restaurants constantly, the relevant departments have also been governance, but ultimately fruitless. Because there is no clear legal basis. In March 15, 2016, the new "Heilongjiang consumer protection regulations" formally implemented, which provide consumers with commodities or services to the provisions of article forty-fourth of the operator in terms of format, notice, statement, shop notices, etc., cannot contain the following content, fourth of which is not charged meal fees, corkage fees, fees, tableware disinfection rooms minimum consumption. As for the scope of BYO service fee is whether this stipulation, market supervision and Management Bureau of the provincial people’s Congress made "on the food and beverage industry operators to bring their own drinks consumer service fee is illegal for instructions", recently received a reply. Provincial People’s Congress reply content: after the study, forty-fourth of the original intention of the legislation is the fourth operators should allow consumers to bring their own drinks, and shall not be charged with any additional charges for their own drinks. Therefore, the operator of the charge 10% service charge comes with their own behavior belongs to the provisions of the open bottle fee range. Since it is’ open bottle fee ‘range, it is illegal." Market supervision and Management Bureau of consumer protection staff said, so, I began to full stop BYO service fee. Now, since the implementation of the new consumer protection regulations of Heilongjiang Province, after continuous publicity, some hotels have consciously canceled the service fee, but there are still individual hotels exist." The staff said that the provincial people’s Congress, they have been notified of the City Hotel Association, communicated to the catering business. From now on, the consumer to the hotel to eat if you encounter the problem of charging service fees, you can call 12315 to report. According to regulations, the market regulatory authorities will be ordered to correct, warning, confiscation of illegal income, impose an illegal income doubled相关的主题文章: