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The difference of imperial ware dealer revenue millions: data after the audit hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you satisfy a craving after each reporter Ceng Jian Zhu Wanping recently, careful users have found imperial ware, (002798) important dealers in Guizhou building materials limited company (hereinafter referred to as Ghosn Ghosn building materials) ~2015 2013 annual disclosure cumulative revenue only 850 thousand yuan, and the listed company prospectus disclosure of the company for the period sales there are millions of dollars in "the statement seems there is a big gap. To this end, each investment treasure reporter call the emperor ware, the company said, IPO documents involved in the application documents are audited by the accounting firm. The annual revenue of hundreds of thousands of building materials Ghosn imperial ware prospectus, 2015 2013~, Mori Building materials were ranked in the top five list of customers sales company. Which ranked fourth in 2013, the remaining two years are the top third customers. Three years, the amount of sales of imperial ware company was 5 million 618 thousand and 500, respectively, 8 million 239 thousand and 200, 8 million 293 thousand and 600 yuan, the total amount of up to $22 million 151 thousand and 300. Obviously, Mori Building Materials for the imperial ware dealer member. However, Mori Building Materials business information and the prospectus disclosure of the content is different. According to industry statistics show that in 2013, Mori Building Materials total assets of 490 thousand yuan, total operating income of 110 thousand yuan, net profit of 30 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan of total taxes; in 2014, Mori Building Materials total assets of 880 thousand yuan, revenue 340 thousand yuan, net profit of 56 thousand yuan, 41 thousand yuan of total taxes; in 2015, the total assets of the company revenue increased to 500 thousand yuan, increased to 404 thousand yuan, net profit of 8 thousand and 700 yuan, 14 thousand yuan of the total tax. From the business information disclosure of the situation, the annual revenue of $one hundred thousand Ghosn building materials, is undoubtedly difficult to support the imperial ware company each year for millions of dollars in sales. Data shows, Mori Building materials was established in 2007, registered capital of 500 thousand yuan. According to the imperial ware prospectus, listed as one of the building materials enterprises Ghosn the actual controller of the company, Chi Hung Wu’s sister Wu Ling control. Wu Ling and her husband Shi Yongkui were holding 51% and 49% stake in Mori Building materials. And Chi Hung Wu is the director and general manager of emperor ware. As of June 30th, Chi Hung Wu holds 17 million 850 thousand and 900 shares of imperial ware, shareholding ratio of 20.67%, tied with the company’s largest shareholder of the company as a result of the Chen Wei, the company’s largest shareholder of the company, the company is the largest shareholder of the company. Imperial ware: Data audited by the accountant a total revenue of only 850 thousand yuan in the past year, the dealer, why can contribute to the annual sales of millions of dollars for the emperor ware, and ranked the top five list of customers in the sale of???? To this end, the daily economic news reporter yesterday (September 21st) call emperor ware, a staff member of the Securities Department said the company had answered the question before the interactive platform. The reporter then query Shenzhen interactive platform found on相关的主题文章: