Department of human resources and social at the end of next year, the cost of medical treatment in

Department: the end of next year the basic realization of remote medical expenses and direct settlement — Hainan channel — for the in-depth study and implement the national health and the spirit of the general assembly, the Department issued "on the in-depth study and implement the notice of the national health and health conference spirit" (hereinafter referred to the "Circular"), the departments of social learning the national health and the spirit of the general assembly made a comprehensive deployment. "Notice" requirements, human resources and social security departments around the country to fully understand the significance of the national health and health conference, the idea and action to the central decision-making arrangements. To learn and implement the spirit of the general assembly, especially to study the spirit of the speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, as an important political task of the current and future period. To learn to understand the spirit of the general assembly and the study of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech combined with the "two learning and doing" learning and educational activities, combined with the promotion of key reforms. To fully understand the spirit of the general assembly, accurately grasp the spirit of the general assembly to deeply understand the essence of people’s health strategic priority to the development of the major ideas, adhere to the characteristics of health and health China major deployment of the road of development and accelerate the construction of major health China requirements. To accurately grasp the status and role of the universal health care system in health China construction, to be fair and benefit the masses as the goal, to promote the health insurance as the main line, and promote the innovation of medical insurance system reform of national basic system, promote the solid foundation of healthy, to eliminate the menace from the rear for the masses to pursue a healthy life. Notice stressed the need to focus on key areas and key links, and strive to create a new situation in the human and social sectors to promote the healthy development of china. Accelerate the integration of basic medical insurance in urban and rural areas, and strive to achieve before the end of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) introduced the integration program, in 2017 began to establish a unified urban and rural residents medical insurance system. Improve the Medicare payment mechanism, improve the interest regulation mechanism, guide the masses orderly treatment, let the hospital have the power of rational drug use and control the cost, power and referral of patients were reasonable, normative the behavior of medical institutions, stimulate endogenous power cost control. Perfect health care financing and treatment adjustment mechanism, and gradually establish the social and economic development level, the parties bear the ability to adapt to the basic medical insurance and sustainable financing mechanism, improve the basic medical insurance treatment adjustment mechanism and financing level adaptation. To improve the urban and rural residents illness insurance system, in-depth implementation of health poverty alleviation projects, and actively promote the implementation of the Medicare precise poverty policy, efforts to solve the problems of population poverty caused by illness, etc.. Accelerate the basic medical insurance nationwide network and remote medical direct settlement, ensure that next year the basic realization of inter provincial relocation of retirees hospitalization cost of direct settlement, by the end of 2017, the basic realization of remote medical referral in accordance with provisions of the hospitalization expenses settlement. Improve the medical insurance handling mechanism, innovative service model, promote the formation of a diversified competitive landscape, improve the efficiency and quality of basic medical insurance service. Speed up the establishment of personnel salary system in line with the characteristics of the medical industry to mobilize the enthusiasm of medical staff. To innovate the evaluation of professional and technical personnel in the medical profession, and to improve the professional titles of primary health professionals. Solid progress in health care, health insurance, medicine, three doctors相关的主题文章: