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Deyang eight year old lost mountain rescue team looking for three days back end (Figure) in October 24th, Zhu Deyang (micro-blog) will be dragon bay zhonquan village 1 groups of eight year old Tan Yulian missing in Zhongjiang County, township for two days around the families of police. In October 26th, all anxious families removed links to Deyang Mountaineering Association mountain rescue team leader Wang Zhao, hoping to get help. 27 onwards, there have been a total of 12 rescue teams and local police and the masses together, began to search for traces of the elderly. Rescue workers issued a missing person, the transfer of control, in the radio broadcast notices, along the way on foot search, only to find the missing man. "Found, the old man found, she is still alive." 29 at 11:20 am, the news came from the front of the team, the old man Tan Yulian was found, this is the old man lost the sixth day. The lost eight years old to go out alone after Tan Yulian is gone long Zhen Quan Bay Village 1 groups of villagers in Deyang County of Zhongjiang, 24 October 7 in the morning to go out from home after no news. Tan Yulian daughter, said the old man, 82 years old this year, the spirit of the state is still good, but with Alzheimer’s disease, the loss of the situation is still the first time the case of, Tan Yulian. Families are very anxious, asked to find in the vicinity, as of 26, the old man still no news. "She doesn’t have any cash or cell phones, and she doesn’t know how to ask for help." This is a bad thing for her relatives. The family, after Tan Yulian disappeared, they organized more than 10 friends, tried various ways to search and rescue. Then, suddenly think of relatives and friends to help local rescue teams, 26 in the morning, they through the network link between the Deyang mountaineering outdoor sports association mountain rescue team leader Wang Zhao, hope the rescue team can provide more professional help. By Wang Zhao preliminary judgment, the old man lost the region belongs to hilly terrain, different city and lost, search difficult, but from the old man’s strength is weak, mild dementia objective point of view, far away is unlikely, and decided to start the rescue operation to help families do rescue plan. Rescue uninterrupted dragnet investigation clues almost interrupted 26 PM, rescue team arrived at the lost elderly home and families of the confluence of details, in order to determine the rescue plan. 27 am, the rescue team of 3 players to search and rescue. Firstly, several key players around the village enterprises and private access to monitoring, excluding the elderly may go far along the road, so as to narrow the scope, then the rescue team access to the monitoring 1 kilometers reached the railway station, along the railway out of the range of possible out of the village. The 27 day, the family received a message, witnesses said, the railway line from Zitong to Chengdu into the direction of the railway in the township of Zitong street and saw the old man, 27 at 16 PM, the players according to the clue and push the horizontal search, there is no harvest. Players look at the monitoring point of view and there is no effective clues, players will also be the local satellite maps were printed, easy to analyze the next step plan. 27 evening, the rescue team to organize the first tier of Zhongjiang and the first batch of 3 players to join the team to develop the next rescue plan for the. The 28 day, the families of the elderly in the leadership of police and the township government will actively support, access to the dragon three battalion monitoring and new cry相关的主题文章: