Direct Tv Has The Formula For

Communications When Direct TV set out to be the world’s leading television service provider back in 1994, nobody could have predicted the success it would be. Now, just twelve years later, Direct TV provides eight hundred and fifty channels to almost sixteen million subscribers who represent peoples from vastly different geographic locations from many different walks of life. There are many things that this enormous success could be attributed to. Let’s look at a few of them. Superior technology. Before Direct TV got started back in the early nineties, having satellite TV service meant having a huge satellite dish dominating your yard. These ten foot diameter monsters not only looked ugly and took up space better occupied by a garden, but were easily swayed by the wind, resulting in a disrupted signal, and just part of a really expensive system. Now, satellite dishes are just eighteen inches across and maintain a much lower profile that’s less subject to breezes. All of Direct TV’s hundreds of channels of programming are delivered to subscribers in digital television format which, in addition to providing an incredibly clear picture and sound, also makes interactive programming possible. The interactive features like the on screen program guide and parental controls go a long way toward making television more enjoyable and user friendly. Best of all, this new technology also makes satellite TV much more affordable than it used to be. Superior Programming. Direct TV provides only the best television programming to its subscribers. While the idea of having over eight hundred channels to choose from, over the years the company has realized that most people wouldn’t be able to fully take advantage of even have the total number of channels that are offered. That’s why that huge total has been divided up into a variety of programming packages designed to be different enough to meet the needs of a variety of people with a variety of television needs and budgets, but still maintaining the high standard of quality that makes Direct TV stand above its competition. The Total Choice series of programming packages are the best known and perhaps the best demonstrations of tis commitment to quality. Total Choice, despite the fact that it has over one hundred and fifty channels, is the entry level programming package of the series. Total Choice has all of the mainstream channels that have become America’s favorite source of television programming over the years, but with the addition of your local television channels. Total Choice Plus is the mid grade programming package of the series and has over one hundred and eighty channels. Total Choice Premier is the programming package that serves as Direct TV’s flagship package. It has two hundred and fifty channels which include everything offered in Total Choice and Total Choice Plus, with the addition of a slew of sports channels and four great movie packages from HBO, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax. In addition to the technology mentioned above, you can also add other technologies onto any Direct TV programming package. For example, the addition of a Digital Video Recorder can allow you to watch all of the TV shows that you have to see, but can’t be at home for when they air. Just use Direct TV’s user friendly software to choose which shows you want to record and let the Digital Video Recorder do the rest. Then, when you’re ready to watch them, just retrieve the programs from the Digital Video Recorder’s hard drive and watch them in the same high quality digital format as the original broadcast. There are a lot of reasons why Direct TV is the number one television service provider in existence today. You can learn about all of them by subscribing right now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: