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Domestic Changsha interpretation SUV family outlander official line of professional quality – Beijing, Beijing, August 29, the day before, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander strategic models officially off the assembly line in Changsha assembly workshop. Guangzhou Automobile Group General Manager Ceng Qinghong said: "the success of MITSUBISHI outlander offline today, further enrich the product structure of MITSUBISHI camry. The birth of Guangzhou MITSUBISHI as a national "the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" promulgated by the regional reorganization of an automobile joint venture, for economic and trade exchanges and cooperation to promote the development of the automobile industry in Hunan and two provinces of Guangdong and Hunan, has made an important contribution." Bearing the legendary classic "cross-border master" reveals the family heritage inherited the MITSUBISHI outlander domestic pure off-road race, appearance, the "Dynamic Shield" into the Outlander latest design language and elements. In the driving performance, the Outlander is equipped with the latest generation of MIVEC engine with the same level of the most powerful "core" dirty — has high performance and environmental characteristics, is also equipped with the third generation INVECS CVT8 gearbox with the most advanced +S-AWC technology, 4WD 4WD super all wheel control system. In the functional configuration, the Outlander nine configuration — intelligent electric tailgate, ACC adaptive cruise control system, front leather seat heating, simulation 6 speed shift paddles, 8 inch intelligent DA system. As the MITSUBISHI Automobile City SUV the field of classical models, second new models of domestic Guangqi MITSUBISHI outlander is "five years of product introduction strategy", marking the top technology MITSUBISHI cars in the city area of SUV. Double protection in MITSUBISHI automobile Guangzhou Automobile Group advanced technology and exquisite manufacturing technology, the domestic market will enter the China outlander SUV, set up in the advanced city SUV benchmark. The Outlander SUV called the City Founder level models, Chinese before entering the market, the Outlander had significant "master of the wind". Since 2001 the first models, the Outlander experienced three generation, many change. The first generation of Ou Lande for the first time in the cross-border car debut, opened up a new model; the second generation Ou Lande with a new production platform, and equipped with MITSUBISHI EVO S-WAC four Super Champion car wheel control system for the first time; the third generation Ou Lande equipped with a number of cutting-edge technology configuration, and adopts the MITSUBISHI’s new design language, advanced comprehensive quality. The Outlander followed the import quality, meticulous process better after 15 years later, the Outlander will take "the identity of the new Guangzhou MITSUBISHI" to more consumers around China. The core members of Guangzhou MITSUBISHI as MITSUBISHI cars in China automobile industry, to the "professional" foundation, fully inherited the essence of the core of MITSUBISHI SUV technology; to "quality" business, the introduction of advanced quality management system of Guangzhou Automobile group. GAC MITSUBISHI in 2014 to become the country’s five national automotive industry and Commerce Bureau to guide the consumer credit "sun flower" award of A-class car brands. In the authoritative rating agencies J.D.Power Asia Pacific Company released in 2015 China’s new car quality research (IQS) report, GAC MITSUBISHI to PP100.相关的主题文章: