Domestic manned cabin can take visitors 24 km altitude to see the earth fare of 500 thousand – Sohu

Domestic manned cabin can take visitors 24 kilometers to see the earth at the price of $500 thousand – Sohu Military Channel figure for the Shanghai Institute of space propulsion developed near space manned cabin. In November 17th 2016, the fourth session of the Shanghai general assembly and Shanghai to promote the dual-use technology of dual-use technology exhibition held in the Expo exhibition, a number of promising people to join the army, conversion technology and product appearance. Near space manned cabin developed Shanghai space propulsion, animal experiments will be carried out next year, the plan in the next few years, the visitors to the space between the sky and the near space, let them enjoy the beauty of space, overlooking the curved blue earth. See the arc of earth 5500 square meters exhibition area at 24 km altitude, in days, air, land and sea four area for the spindle, to aerospace, satellite navigation, electronic information, new materials, new energy, the key components for the key, to show the audience in Shanghai in recent years, the integration of military and civilian science and technology achievement. Among them, the near space manned cabin model compelling, this project is expected to allow China’s space travel has become a reality. Shanghai Institute of space propulsion development project director Xu Ying introduced, near space refers to the area at an altitude of 20 km to 100 km, cruising altitude higher than most of the aircraft, below the orbit height, has a high commercial value, but has not yet been fully developed. Shanghai space propulsion research institute focused on the development of space propulsion system, involved in the Tiangong two space laboratory, the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft, Chang’e three or four, No. five detector and Mars and other national projects. How to put these technologies and products into civilian use? From 2015 onwards, Shanghai Institute of space propulsion, undertake the KPS Voyager 2 manned cabin near space research. Now, the civilian manned cabin has come out, in addition to strong and reliable propulsion system, structure system, the power supply system and environmental protection system, thermal control system Goods are available in all varieties. There are 6 seats in the cabin, and the corresponding window, wide vision. In the helium balloon traction, the cabin can be reached at a slower speed of 24 km altitude of the stratosphere, where to stay for about 2 hours. In the meantime, passengers can watch the black space with bright stars, the moon that is much bigger than the "super moon" and the blue earth with an arc. After the end of the tour, helium balloon deflated gradually, manned cabin slowly decreased, the use of the rocket engine before landing reverse braking, to achieve a smooth landing. "We have done the simulation experiments, the experimental personnel feel comfortable, often even aircraft no ear discomfort." Xu Ying said. In 2017, the manned cabin will bring cats and dogs into the near space, collecting their physiological indicators. If the results are good, the business will be on the agenda. According to reports, the cost of each visitor is expected to be 500 thousand to $1 million, lower than the international price. For example, the Russian space near the tourist program to allow tourists to take the fighter, the price of about 3 million yuan per person, about $4 million, but not as comfortable as helium balloon + sightseeing manned cabin mode. "Gold standard" for the electronic label inspection radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to detect the standard hair.相关的主题文章: