Donnie Yen personally took the children to do good exposure of children is very sensible (video)

Donnie Yen personally took the children to do good exposure of children is very sensible Tencent entertainment news in September 26th, "save the children Hongkong" officially announced that international action star Donnie Yen as ambassador of the association. It is reported that the socialite Cathy Chui is inviting to Donnie Yen by Mrs. Donnie Yen Wang Shishi, the two sides of the concept of charity do it. On the day of the event, Cathy Chui joked that Donnie Yen has "home court", and praised Donnie Yen as a "save the children Hongkong", the most suitable candidate. Donnie Yen said at the event: I am very pleased to serve as ambassador to the Hongkong children’s aid society, they help children around the world, I hope to do my part." He called on the public interest in urban migrant children’s poverty problem: "I was born in Guangzhou, before the age of eleven has moved to two very different city life, I understand very well that the migrant children to integrate into a new environment is not easy. Although the development of the city, but we can not ignore the problem of urban poverty, they need our help." At the beginning of September, Donnie Yen visited Guangzhou, visit the "floating children", Donnie Yen said: "remember to visit a little sister, her father work in the factory, a small hut, a family of five people live. Little sister’s greatest pleasure is to go to the library, but often need help with two brothers and sisters. She gave me the picture, see her picture is very old." The event, Cathy Chui personally to the little sister’s paintings handed over to the memorial for Donnie Yen. Donnie Yen does not deny that, as time permits, he will arrange their children to attend the charity event: "I took them to visit shamsuuipo low-income families and new immigrants, my daughter is more sensible, sometimes yankuangshirun; although the son usually some naughty, but the younger brother and sister was a gentleman, see he is very kind." Good boss! Donnie Yen out of pocket staff travel相关的主题文章: