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Don’t let the "Martyrs Monument" has become the "nail households" according to the report, is located in Baoding City Dongfeng Park Martyrs Monument, because the welfare of the elderly apartment project "relocation", but met with fierce opposition from relatives of martyrs, resulting in the project into a stalemate. 53 years ago, at the expense of flood prevention in Baoding province by the Ministry of defense soldier Xie Chen, posthumously awarded the "loving model", and the Ministry of Civil Affairs has been identified as "revolutionary martyrs". Subsequently, the local government of Baoding in the urban area and sacrifice Memorial facilities were built, the latter is the seems to have become the "nail households" Xie Chen monument. Things have been very simple, martyr monument to the elderly apartment project relocation, morally, to fully respect and understand the wishes of the martyred, respect local customs, pay attention to humanistic care, this is also the Hebei Provincial Department of civil affairs "scattered Martyrs Memorial facilities centralized management protection" in the documentation requirements. According to the June 2013 implementation of the "martyrs memorial facilities protection management measures", and in 90s the "revolutionary martyr memorial buildings protection and management measures", the martyrs memorial facilities migration, stipulates that "without approval, shall not transfer the martyrs memorial facilities" mentioned here is approved, "because of the major construction projects needed to place migration all levels of the martyrs memorial facilities, must be approved by the people’s Government approved the level of consent, and report to the people’s government at the level of the civil affairs department for the record". In terms of daily protection, belonging to the cultural relics of the martyrs memorial facilities, shall be in accordance with the laws and regulations of the protection of cultural relics and the protection of the construction zone". According to media reports, in the "relocation storm" Xie Chen monument, not in the local security unit list, and the relocation of the martyrs memorial facilities, needs to be clear about the original approval level people’s government "level, the level of protection from the memorial facilities at the moment, someone’s monument from Baoding local civil affairs departments responsible for the relocation, may not be illegal. In any case, located in the city park Martyrs Monument ownership, the families of the martyrs should not be in the category of obligee. The construction of different levels of martyrs memorial facilities, routine maintenance, by the civil affairs departments at all levels in conjunction with the financial sector arrangements, the migration process also has the attributes of public administration. No, the Martyrs Monument will become the "nail households", that is the motivation. Monument to the martyrs of the property ownership, not in the family, and in the martyrs memorial facilities protection unit. The aforementioned normative documents also stated that the martyrs memorial facilities should be handled by the martyrs memorial facilities land use ownership documents". Back to the Baoding Martyrs Monument "relocation" storm, living relatives of martyrs is emotional factors to be perceived as relevant documents, said, should be "humanistic care", but the subsequent processing of the martyrs memorial facilities, relocation or centralized management or should be in love, should protect the legal. The rule of law civilization, public administration and administrative behavior of humanity, should be reflected in the details, should all care treat relatives of martyrs. "They want the Martyrs Monument in place" mood, how much is due to the specific administrative act notice removed when no file basis "so roughly excited? More emotional savings, boosting as a "nail households".相关的主题文章: