Double 11 after unpacking season in case of embarrassment express little brother was not allowed int

Double 11 after unpacking season in case of embarrassment: express little brother was not allowed into the area of Hangzhou harmonious Jiayuan owners of Nanyuan is experiencing "after the double eleven Carnival embarrassment. Many of them go to work in Sijiqing, to do business during the day, not at home, especially during the eleven express volume. These days, in order to receive the courier, all the broken heart – 1/3 of their daily express to Nanyuan Jiayuan harmony into the hands of the owners, because the property to express little brother stopped at the door". Property: taking into account the safety factor express brother and take away the elder brother can not enter the area, before, we are allowed to send the district to send, and can be sent directly to the upstairs, you can also put on the property, but now No. Express yourself to go to the door to take, or you can not receive." Miss this time the pair of eleven to buy a thing of the past, these two days, she was worried about receiving express every day, I want to go to work, ah, how can I wait at home in time to express." Harmonious Jiayuan electronic courier cabinet, but because a small number of double eleven express did not put. "I do not know many people in the District, even if there is understanding, the total can not be allowed to take the neighbors every day to express it. Now I received a courier phone are afraid, can only accompany the smiling face to help them change the delivery time." It is understood that the harmonious garden Nanyuan a total of more than 2 thousand households, at present, the main charge in the express District West gate. At the entrance to the west gate, with 3 electronic express cabinet, but the total number of less than 300, can not meet the needs of the residents of the district residents. Residential security said they are considering security problems, just let the courier and delivery staff not into residential, residential door cannot express store. Harmonious Nanyuan Jiayuan property management service center staff said that before the property does allow stacking express, "but we are not registered, is to give them a place, now we lost no matter, said the leader, not put too ugly, our property space is small, put down. Before the courier can directly send upstairs, but considering the corridor people flow, personnel is more complex, so now has been banned." Express little brother a little worry 13 express going back to the company was not only a household, express little brother also feel not convenient. "Last year, double eleven, FedEx can still go to the District, we put the courier on the property, although the property does not sign, just give a placement site, also lost no matter, but also can be placed, or send us upstairs also, this year was directly in the door." The courier blue said, I think the best property can help collect, or install some electronic courier cabinet. Courier Xiao Hu said, many households in this district are in Sijiqing to work, to do business during the day, not at home during the double eleven express large amount, "we can only work overtime at night, sometimes the most late to go back until 10. Also often and the recipient re appointment time, or change the address, I remember my longest, a courier sent 5 days." Really can not deliver, you have to bring back to the courier company, we are here a few couriers are almost the same, every day a car courier almost 1/3 have to take back." Little nonsense. Nowhere to place.相关的主题文章: