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Double eleven shopping burned Foshan woman because of malicious overdraft of credit card detained Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Xia Xiaoli Li Jianbin) to apply for credit card to pay for daily expenses, but a Foshan woman excessive overdraft credit card consumption, unable to pay debts, "double eleven" is growing more and more, and gradually into the abyss of malicious overdraft ". In November 14th, the reporter learned from the Foshan police, the police arrested 4 malicious overdraft credit card suspects. In November 8th, a Foshan bank staff to the Chancheng public security report, said its customers Liang (a pseudonym) since June 2015, overdraft credit card, as of early November this year, a total of about 70 thousand yuan owed the bank money. Over the past year, banks have repeatedly collected by telephone, letters, but Liang has been indifferent, banks have no choice but to choose the police for help. After receiving the police situation, the police according to clues, 11 days in Hua Hua six road near the suspicion of credit card fraud suspect Liang captured. According to Chen confessed, after graduating from University, she served as a customer service job in a communications enterprise in Foshan, but also saved a few years down a little savings. However, she started unemployed in 2015, and soon spent all her savings, and the daily expenses were maintained by credit cards. However, a love to buy clothes, and restaurant dining, met the "double eleven" also love shopping, although occasionally casual work to make money, but not enough to repay credit card debt. See debt higher than yesterday, Liang will use the hands of the other two credit cards, in an attempt to "rob Peter to pay Paul" muddle through, however bubble finally burst. Liang said, in addition to Minsheng Bank’s 70 thousand yuan, he also overdraft credit card 2 other banks about 30 thousand yuan. According to the police, credit card overdraft consumption but unable to repay the case is not uncommon, in a company’s inauguration Dengmou, since 2011, a total of about 280 thousand yuan owed to the bank can not repay. 11 afternoon, he was arrested in a bank of Jihua road business. Similar to the credit card overdraft insolvent and Yuanmou and xiaomou two. At present, Liang and other 4 people have been detention. Ahead of consumer attitudes, the use of credit cards, mobile phone payment overdraft of the cardholder but no ground for blame, for the purpose of illegal possession of more than the prescribed time limit or overdraft limit, after collection by the issuing bank for more than 3 months is still not returned, can be identified as "malicious overdraft", will be on the crime of credit card fraud criminal responsibility. The police appeal that the credit card holders should consider their own repayment ability when they use the credit card, control the consumption range, and don’t blindly swipe the card. Editor in chief: GDN008

双十一血拼过火 佛山女子因信用卡恶意透支被拘   南方日报讯 (记者 夏小荔 通讯员 李健斌) 申请信用卡本是打算支付日常开销,但佛山一女子过度透支信用卡消费,无力还欠款,“双十一”时更是愈演愈烈,逐渐陷入了恶意透支的“深渊”。11月14日,记者从佛山警方获悉,警方抓获4名恶意透支信用卡的嫌疑人。   11月8日,佛山某银行一员工向禅城公安报案,称其客户梁某(化名)自2015年6月起开始透支信用卡,截至今年11月初,共欠下该银行款项约7万元。一年来,银行多次通过电话、信函方式催收,梁某却一直无动于衷,银行无奈只好选择报警求助。   收到警情后,民警根据线索反映,11日即在季华六路附近将涉嫌信用卡诈骗的嫌疑人梁某抓获。   据陈某供述,大学毕业后她在佛山某通讯企业担任客服一职,几年下来倒也存下一点积蓄。然而她2015年开始待业家中,不久积蓄花光,日常开支靠信用卡维持。然而,梁某喜欢买衣服、出入酒楼就餐,遇“双十一”也喜欢血拼一番,虽然偶尔打散工赚钱,但也不足以偿还信用卡欠款。见债台越筑越高,梁某便使用手上的另外两张信用卡,企图以“拆东墙补西墙”的方法蒙混过关,然而泡沫最终破灭。梁某称,除了民生银行的7万元款,他还同时刷卡透支了其他2家银行约3万多元。   据民警介绍,刷卡透支消费却无力偿还的案件并不少见,在某公司就职的邓某,2011年至今,共欠下银行约28万元无力偿还。11日下午,他在季华路某银行办理业务时被抓获。类似的信用卡透支无力偿还的还有袁某和肖某二人。目前,梁某等4人已被刑拘。   消费观念超前,使用信用卡、手机支付的方式透支消费本无可厚非,但持卡人以非法占有为目的,超过规定限额或者规定期限透支,并经发卡银行催收后超过3个月仍不归还的,可认定为“恶意透支”,将被以信用卡诈骗罪追究刑事责任。   警方呼吁,持有信用卡的人在使用信用卡的时候应考虑到自身的偿还能力,控制好消费的幅度,不要盲目刷卡消费。 责任编辑: GDN008相关的主题文章: