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During the national day 5 million 380 thousand people visited the Huzhou tourism revenue 5 billion 66 million learned yesterday from the Municipal Tourism Committee, "eleven" during the golden week, Huzhou tourists exceeded 5 million passengers, up to 5 million 386 thousand and 700 passengers, an increase of 21.18%, total tourism revenue realized 5 billion 66 million yuan, an increase of 30.33%. At the same time, the city’s tourism market orderly, tourist complaints to achieve zero complaints. Truly realize the double harvest of tourism economy and tourism services. By the state to promote tourism investment and consumption as well as the national highway toll free policy stimulus, the radiation effect by the Hangzhou successfully held a summit of the G20, and a number of major tourism projects such as opening the superposition of many positive factors, "Huzhou 2000 – Gu City Tour" brand products and the "tourist destination city, the first rural tourism Binhu vacation choice" brand continued started. This year "eleven" golden week, the development trend of rural tourism and holiday products in Binhu in the past few years, showing continued hot market performance. Huzhou Deqing, Changxin ocean Jiale "" Shanghai village "and Anji" beautiful country ", Wuxing" Taiwan village "," Nanxun fishing music "unusually hot, especially the" farm meal, dry farmers live and enjoy the family farm, live farmhouse courtyard "garden style, experience rural tourism vacation activities more and more tourists. Whether or Binhu rural tourism, tourism, difficult to buy a bed, a table is hard to find, difficult to set. "Eleven" golden week period, more than 4A scenic spots received a total of 1 million 601 thousand and 300 tourists, ticket revenue of $24 million 464 thousand and 700, are high. With the normal operation of the tourism industry in Huzhou, as well as the increasingly convenient transportation network, developed, self travel, self driving tour has become a public, tourists travel mainstream APP. Among them, the Taihu tourism resort in Huzhou received an average of more than 60 thousand self driving, self driving car parks accounted for more than 85% of the total. Huzhou’s rapid growth in tourism commodity sales, with the world Lake products unified brand gradually started, Huzhou ten specialty brand is accelerating the formation of. This year "eleven" Golden Week "the world Lake" became a good place for tourists, "the world Lake" Tourism Commodity Exhibition Center every day to choose tourism commodity city’s tourism shopping tourists in a continuous line, the market is gradually formed. In the face of annual visitors "blowout" market situation, the City Tourism Committee based on the needs of tourists, further regulate the tourism market at the same time, strengthen the tourism infrastructure construction, strengthen the tourism services in the tourist experience of feeling, has achieved good market response. On the eve of national day, the Municipal Tourism Commission jointly market authority, the establishment of tourism consumer rights in the city center of important scenic part, and earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of the tourists; the city’s tourism system of cadres and workers to give up many holidays, compulsory service tourists. Taihu tourism resort this year "eleven" during the golden week to continue the implementation of tourism volunteer service, volunteer service team composed of CMC staff, to provide advice, guidance, guide and cleaning services for tourists, visitors won recognition. In recent years, the major scenic spots to increase the intensity of the construction of tourism infrastructure, parking and toilet construction unprecedented speed, such as Taihu tourist resort has built 31 parking.相关的主题文章: