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Dutch act graduates work for more than 1 months were also the first life: August 22nd, worked for the China Pacific Life Insurance Co Shenzhen branch of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law graduate Li Han, suspected Dutch act in the company dormitory charcoal, the end of his 23 year old life. The network reported Lee enthalpy of the suicide note, clear: "put it down in black and white will do the first Pacific Shuai next life, no regrets in this life in the pacific!" At this point from his entry into the company only 1 months and 18 days. The net transfer of suspected dead last words. When it was found that the distance from the dead time has been 18 hours after the Nandu reporter received information from informed sources, immediately contacted the family of Li Han. 4 days before the accident he lost contact with his family." Li Han’s father said that he would normally stay at home and talk, but from the beginning of the afternoon of 18, has been unable to contact him, so let’s go to visit Uncle Li enthalpy in Shenzhen. 1 August 22nd afternoon, Uncle Li enthalpy came to the company dormitory, but the room door lock the door, no response. Then, Lee enthalpy colleague, alarm, broke into the house and found the room put a basin, which is burnt charcoal ash, Li Hantang in bed, there has been no signs of life. The family noted that at the time, including the door and other places where there are gaps in the room have been sealed with tape, and therefore suspect Lee enthalpy is suicide, but can not be determined. Li Qi home said, forensic analysis of the cause of death is carbon monoxide poisoning, at the time of death should be more than 18 hours. Graduate schools, just one month…… Li Han was born in Hubei city of Yichang Province, Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, the information belongs to underdeveloped area. In June this year, Li Hangang graduated from the Department of law, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. "Cultivate a student, our village (town) people are very happy." Li Han’s father recalled that his son in Yichang, the focus of high school, always outstanding, to the university is still maintained. "And the relationship between the family is also very good, then he read law, but the insurance industry, we have no choice." After graduating from college, Li enthalpy on the family, Shenzhen good treatment, in the hope to marry and settle down before the first Shenzhen rush. June 25th, Li Han came to Shenzhen; in July 10th, Lee enthalpy into the Pacific Insurance Company (Shenzhen) work, just entered the job more than a month. Li Han’s family to reporters in Nandu recently visited the circle of friends in the past few days, the record shows that until mid August, Li Han are full of energy in the state of the state of mind in the middle of the year, the state of the world in the past few days, the reporter said. But in August 19th, Li Han has issued such a circle of friends: "feel the heart is dug, the soul is pulled out, this time, it does not adhere to the." The same day, Li Han is also his last circle of friends is: "sleep through the night, let you worry, I adjusted quickly OK, each method is not the same, I always lost myself, no, I will be responsible for their own, do not hurt yourself. Monday will be a new self, please believe me, thank you." Li Han’s circle of friends. August 19th, it is the first day of Li Han lost contact with his family. Dead is dead, what is the truth? On the afternoon of August 22nd, Lee enthalpy father was home to help Li Han account migration, suddenly received Li Feng相关的主题文章: