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[dynamic] exposure on Hong Kong players to sign Portuguese + Boas to sign the Argentina international sports Sohu – Beijing on November 17th news named after the French giants Paris Saint Germain midfielder Javier Pastoret, Shanghai port also had a new scandal of foreign aid, that is the Portuguese international winger Ricardo quaresma. According to Italy media reported "the market", the Hong Kong Shanghai not only intends to introduce Javier Pastoret, also want to get now in effect in the soil super giants Besiktas Portugal international winger Boas Quaresma, want to introduce the player. The media that with respect to Javier Pastoret, the Hong Kong Shanghai Quaresma likely. In the relevant reports said Boas, looking for new foreign aid to Shanghai port, Shanghai port in addition to the introduction of Pastoret, also want to introduce Besiktas quaresma. It was Erickson’s idea that he wanted to bring in Pastoret. Pastoret won’t feel in January next year from Paris Saint Germain in June next year, the possibility to leave Paris Saint Germain more. Pastoret and Boas are within Quaresma signings, Boas hopes to get the two players. In contrast, the Hong Kong Shanghai Quaresma more likely to get a bigger possibility of Pastoret. Quaresma, aged 33, Portuguese nationality, height 1.75 meters, Secretary winger or striker, who played for the Lisbon athletics, Barcelona, Oporto, Milan, Dubai, Chelsea international Ahly club, in 2015 to join the soil super giants besiktas. Many times with China Club Quaresma rumored, was the Shanghai Shenhua foreign aid scandal. As the Portuguese striker active, Quaresma accumulated on behalf of the Portuguese national team played 61 times and scored 8 goals. In the summer at the European Cup, Quaresma outstanding performance, it is by virtue of Quaresma lore, the Portuguese national team 1-0 eliminated Croatia national team, Quaresma is a Portuguese team won 2016 European Cup champions. In the last 3 games in the world cup, Quaresma contributed 3 assists. This season, Quaresma on behalf of Besiktas scored 2 goals in 14 appearances and 6 assists. At present, the evaluation value of German football data network media to "the market" to mark the Quaresma for 4 million euros, worth up to 25 million euros in 2008 to assess. Quaresma and Besiktas contract left half, if you leave the winter transfer fee will not be too high. Considering Boas and Ricardo Quaresma is Portuguese, exchanges between the two sides won’t be a problem of language.相关的主题文章: