Eddie Peng was sealed shaking m was taught to the bottom line by Lin Chaoxian-7470d

Eddie Peng was named "shake M" is not the bottom line Lin Chaoxian tuned to the Sina entertainment news according to the "police action piece true case adaptation of the Mekong River action" will be released in September 30th. Today, the film held a press conference in Beijing, directed by Lin Chaoxian and starring Eddie Peng for the film site publicity, this is also the two people following the "hassle", "broken the wind" after the third cooperation. The scene has two people quite familiar with each other for a, Dante Lam bluntly, face Eddie Peng has to abuse his feelings, Eddie Peng exposes after three times of cooperation, Lin Chaoxian has been "no limit" set to "no limit", Eddie Peng has also won the "letter shake M actor". Eddie Peng made the action of high difficulty both fear and enjoy the movie in order to cope with the atmosphere, the conference site is arranged OperationsCommand appearance, the site is also the first exposure of the film action scenes, in two minutes of video footage, show the movie a lot of difficult scenes, as well as several starring action play hard scene. Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng two people not only need to heaven into the forest, but also to face the water bath fire test. When asked how to take these difficult action, Eddie Peng said the movie actually these actions did not seem so difficult, but still inevitable stumbling injury. "But because of love, so I want to take a good movie. It’s a good time to be afraid, but it’s a good feeling, but when you’re scared, you’re more excited." Eddie Peng is acknowledged when filming is to shake his M actor. Three cooperation and talked about Lin Chaoxian, Eddie Peng call "cheated": "every time I would have to say love drama," breaking wind "also just riding a bike to talk about love, the……" He also revealed that this is the three cooperation in the most time to wear, "guild wars" when there is only one pair of trousers. "Broken wind" only very thin clothes are very shy, did not expect so many clothes." But this time Eddie Peng was in the movie was "disfigured", because the story needs, he will have all kinds of false skin, props to camouflage face in the movie, he also exposes in the movie had it out to buy things, also not be recognized. Eddie Peng was filming "abuse", facing the forest guide no bottom line known as the "devil director," said Lin Chaoxian, Eddie Peng admitted that their love is to take a "hassle", so will cooperate so many times, he hopes that "the Mekong River action" can let the audience see a different side of Eddie Peng. In the face of every drama to abuse Eddie Peng’s complaint, "Lin Chaoxian said," everybody said that Eddie Peng and I are filming abused him, actually he makes me want to abuse his feeling." More bluntly he is to challenge the bottom line of Eddie Peng, and found that he did not bottom line, this time he had to suppress the value of yan." Eddie Peng responded that "there can be no bottom line guide and cooperation." Love to kill two people are also known as a shake S, one is shaking M". Recently, Hsu Chi Stephen Fung announced the marriage, Eddie Peng worked at micro-blog on the blessing and claiming to be "small Peng do not have a smoke bomb", part of the group’s visit was asked about the matter, he did not respond positively, but said "this movie is also a lot of)相关的主题文章: