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Egg Recipes, delicious and fast is the most important! Eat egg – Sohu is absolutely bound all-match king what ingredients, so you’d think it was that Great minds think alike. steam can be cooked fried fried guy when material or when the materials can play the most incisive egg – sweet soft cake material ingredients: chicken eggs 1; 200 grams of flour materials: oil amount; 0.5 TSP salt; 20 grams of garlic bolt 1 Wash chopped garlic bolt, flour into the pot add water containing 2 and 3, mixing the flour until the batter brought down flow into a straight line to 4 at this time to add an egg and mix 5 in a small amount of salt, not too much, as long as there is a bottom taste enough 6 chopped garlic bolt stir into the batter, standing for 5 minutes left The right of the 7 pot put a small amount of oil pan, pour a spoonful of batter, turn the pot, the pot covered with uniform, careful not to pour too much weight, the best is just enough to the bottom of the pot covered with it, the cake is thin, tastes fragrant soft side 8 fry, over and continue frying to be mature egg – pickled cabbage roll – material ingredients: 4 egg; Korean pickled cabbage 100 grams of accessories: 2 chive root; 1 tablespoons of tomato sauce cooked; 5 grams of black sesame; white pepper; sugar 1 teaspoon oil; amount of practice in 1 prepared the material 2 egg, the egg filtering 3 chopped onion in 4, add in egg mix soup spicy cabbage squeezed chopped, add tomato sauce, pepper, sugar and black sesame mix The 5 pan heat oil, pour half of the egg, fry 6 fried egg almost half solidification when placed in the mix the good spicy cabbage 7 from the side of the rolled up roll and then fried on both sides of 8 can all fry – cut edible egg leek Vegetarian Pancake – material ingredients: 300 grams of flour and water; 160 grams of egg; 4; leek 250 grams of sesame oil amount; accessories: salt water for 1 ordinary flour. 2 knead the dough smooth, soft a little more suitable for the pie. The wet cloth cover up 15 minutes. 3 egg into the bowl. 4 hot pot bottom oil, stir fry the egg. 5 chopped leek. 6 eggs and leek into the pot, add 7 salt and sesame oil. 8 mix well, and the rest of the seasoning is nothing. 9 wake up face into the size you want the system. Each big pie. 10 take a roll the pieces into a little thin circular edge. 11 put the stuffing, stuffing foot a little delicious. 12 like a bag like closing tightly, so small as far as possible相关的主题文章: