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Eleven black list release tourism public Chen Xiaoping was named the "China good tourist" Shanghai "tourist" Chen Xiaoping about the experience: some breathtaking, but all in the past yesterday, the National Tourism Administration issued a "eleven" holiday tourism "black list", a number of scenic spots, the best concentration for excellent travel agencies, tour guides, excellent excellent tourism staff and civilization tourists, but also on the toilet during the holiday revolution lag, dirty environment, management confusion, poor service of tourism business units and employees and uncivilized tourists were exposed. The "black list", the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai science and Technology Museum, Happy Valley, Shanghai Gu Village Park on the tourism service best classification "list, become the best part of the scenic Sun Island; Shanghai International Club is on the order of the scenic area, comprehensive tourism service toilet revolution is the worst, the most three" black list". In addition, the Shanghai public Chen Xiaoping due to outstanding behavior in the journey, was rated excellent civilized tourists". What did Chen Xiaoping do? Yesterday, the morning news reporter contacted himself, he recalled to reporters on the plateau in Tibet and a long night of tension. The trapped tourists emotional state tourism bureau Plateau on the deeds of Chen Xiaoping Chen Xiaoping is introduced: Shanghai tourists during the National Day holidays offered to travel to Tibet, Tibet in Linzhi and encountered landslides accident caused serious road congestion, some tourists team emotion, do not listen to the tour guide and driver and local police to discourage requirements for pedestrian crosses the Chen Xiaoping in altitude reaction the result of case, while helping guides to the travel agency informed, timely supply for tourists; while according to their own experience and knowledge, the advantages and disadvantages of rational analysis to help visitors walk over the mountain, the stability of the visitors emotions, to avoid the adverse consequences that may occur. Just a few words although unable to reproduce was thrilling scene, but also reveals a bit tense atmosphere. So, what happened to Chen Xiaoping and his party? Yesterday, the reporter called Chen Xiaoping phone, he has successfully returned to Tibet from Shanghai. Chen Xiaoping 62 years old, usually like to travel, have been to many places at home and abroad. The National Day holiday, he and his wife, friends line 5 through Ctrip Travel Agency, took part in the 10 days and 9 nights tours to Tibet, the whole trip is September 28th departure from Shanghai to fly to Chengdu and then fly to Linzhi, and then fly back to Shanghai from Lhasa in October 7th. The first two days of the journey is very smooth, in September 30th, according to the planned tour group will go to Linzhi to play, return, in the distance from Linzhi, the location of a landslide occurred at 10 km, the road was impassable. After the local police, fire more than 4 hours of emergency dredging, the road was opened at about 7:50 that night. However, opening only 10 minutes, two big stone road along the road suddenly rolled down, hit 2 cars, the road was closed again. Chen Xiaoping and many friends will have to wait. With the advent of the night, the temperature is lower and lower, the friends group there were varying degrees of altitude sickness, tourists even vomiting situation. Some tourists also because for a long time become emotional requirements and encouraged all visitors over night, the night scene crosses the scene police persuasion is invalid, the driver also has been unable to guide)相关的主题文章: