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Eleven near the workers before syndrome to don’t want to work just like a holiday "eleven" holiday approaching, we are thinking about early holiday, whether workers or students are already living in Han Cao Ying heart". Commuters are ready to start planning, travel, buy tickets, about dinner. We look forward to the holiday for 26 days, so, Changchun city mental hospital psychological experts said that this is mainly because the psychological symptoms of workers on weekdays too much pressure, fast pace of life, for the rare have formed "syndrome before the holiday". More than half of respondents have pre holiday syndrome, get up early in the morning to enter the countdown state of the holiday, has long been no mood for work, just think of an early holiday……" 26, bring this information to their circle of friends in a private company to work Zhang Jinggang, immediately attracted many friends point praise and reply. In a short time, the office was filled with the smell of the holiday. For example: back home to visit relatives with relatives, friends and classmates; about dinner; take the kids to go out walking, to discuss the topic. "My present state is that the body does not move, the heart is far." Zhang Jing said with a smile. Listen to the words of Zhang Jing, has poured a lot of people’s thoughts, near the holiday coming, we really face some not in the condition. The reporter found that, during the interview, many employees have chosen annual leave at the end of September, so that it can be connected with the "eleven" holiday together Hugh, travel to distant places. In order not to affect the normal work of the unit, do not let this holiday mood get jittery, many units are in advance notice, or require employees can not get together or not leave for a vacation. ‘eleven’ before the end of the year off the staff really quite a lot, the unit can not eat ah." Wang Li, head of a corporate human resources, said helplessly. "For people in the workplace, a long period of time before the holiday for the work of anxiety and boredom are ‘preganglionic syndrome’ a." Changchun mental hospital psychological experts Yan Lijuan said. The reporter learned that, according to the "holiday syndrome", the mental hospital had 30 surveyed people in the workplace survey found that over half of the respondents said they would have a "holiday syndrome", and for many young people just out of the campus, "holiday syndrome" is more obvious. Preganglionic syndrome need self adjustment for this kind of psychological performance before the public, Changchun city mental hospital psychology expert Yan Lijuan told reporters, everyone no work, learning state is already suffering from "holiday syndrome". Whenever the holidays, workers are high risk population of preganglionic syndrome ", the emergence of such symptoms is mainly because workers on the pace of life stress, work pressure, the festival recreational activities have high expectations, it will lead to not to mind first holiday chaos phenomenon. In this regard, Yan Lijuan said: "the adjustment" holiday syndrome "will work best to quantify before more specific, you can also try to make a work before the excitement, to divert attention, moderate of the preganglionic excited temperature. If there are go-slow people, it is best not to talk together in this mood, avoid mutual infection. At the same time Paul Hui相关的主题文章: