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Elva Hsiao new identity exposure has represented Taiwan race bronze medal – Sohu   entertainment; Elva Hsiao and Elva Hsiao and new photo       new ten; Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the singer Elva Hsiao (Elva) of Singapore in 2014 tens of billions of small Shi Zhengxiang (Elroy) fall in love, then break up next July, peach continued her recently, has been witnessed in Thailand shopping and a man held, sweetheart is named Michael Chen is from the end of the Taiwanese American students, she was 13 years old, tall and handsome appearance, and even a good golf hand, on behalf of Taiwan university to attend the World Golf Championships, won the bronze award. Elva Hsiao new private photos were from the end of the golfer is tall and handsome [Photos] Click to enter Elva Hsiao in March of this year before being exposed in the spirit of Tom Curise American boyfriend Michael in love, but not below, was immediately seen lingjiexinhuan. 25 Elva Hsiao was friends witnessed appeared in Thailand, dressed in casual shorts and vest, wearing a straw hat, left hand tightly holding a tall white man like T, close to the streets in Thailand. According to Taiwan media reports, her new love is called Michael Chen, Chinese name is Chen Hua, only 24 years old only college students, once instead of Taiwan in the 2016 World University Golf Tournament, the men’s team got bronze medal. It is reported that Elva Hsiao and Chen Hua would know by Sun Yingying matchmaking, two more days before and a group of friends to enjoy the Show Luo arena concert, happy pictures in the box 8 on the photo, she also upload a man with the head of intimate film, although in the film and the other a female friend, but the man in front of the camera happy than YA cute, make her laugh, look very well. Elva Hsiao known meat harvester (source: Southern Metropolis Daily) (hereinafter arranged according to the age difference boyfriend increment) Wang Yangming is small 3 years old Elva Hsiao’s The imprint is engraved on my heart. a relationship, with the old Wang Yangming than her mistress. Wang Yangming is the 80 after the fact, with the "Taiwan first handsome" title. In 2003 he met Elva Hsiao at a friend’s party. The affair lasted for three years and Elva Hsiao broke up with Wang Yangming in March 2005. Elva Hsiao broke up during a crush on Bianca Bai’s ex boyfriend Mao grace, a mistress than her old Taiwan Beer Basketball team. But only two people in less than three months later, Elva Hsiao and Wang Yangming also rushed to the compound…… The last two broke off in 2006. Leandro is 5 years younger in May 2008, Elva Hsiao was photographed in the vicinity of Lutheran star and a man hug and kiss. Verified, the boy is five years younger than Elva mixed model Leandro Brazil. Two people for shooting confession MV acquaintance, Elva Hsiao or Leandro’s first Oriental girlfriend. In love after more than a year, two people away. Shi Zhengxiang 5 year old Ke Jingteng in 2014 for a month, Elva Hsiao and Singapore billions of small Shi Zhengxiang open communication. Shi Zhengxiang is wu.相关的主题文章: