Erickson coached the Hong Kong in two years the top 3 AFC Champions League into the top 8 (video)

Erickson coached the Hong Kong in two years the top 3 in the top 8 [] AFC Champions League report on the Hong Kong 3-1 Hebei lock third Wu Lei break in rumes Oolong sports Tencent November 3rd super league has just ended, Shanghai on the Hong Kong team will be the first to move. The team coached two seasons of the Erickson class, he will be succeeded by former Chelsea (data), the Portuguese coach Boas. In charge of the Hong Kong team, Erickson led the team into the top three in 2015, runner up, second runner up in 2016. In the AFC Champions League League, the Hong Kong team for the first time into the quarter finals, but was Jeonbuk Hyundai retaining outside the top four. Now, let’s look back at Erickson’s coaching career at the Hong Kong team. Super: two years into the top three, the challenge of Hengda old man left the port on November 18, 2014, Erickson officially signed with the club on the port, becoming the coach of this new Shanghai giants. The Hong Kong Club Goal and constant group title, so they introduced international Yu Hai, former midfielder Conca constant brigade and the former striker Sun Xiang, former player Davey strong foreign aid bodied. In Erickson under the offensive firepower on the Hong Kong team open, has been in hot pursuit of hengda. Unfortunately, in the title battle of king mountain, the Hong Kong team 0-3 defeat Hengda home court, directly caused the team to the title of the situation in the passive. Finally, the Hong Kong team with 19 wins 8 flat 3 negative 65 points runner up, won the League for the first time and AFC Champions League. It should be said that the first season to coach the first runner up, Erickson’s coaching ability is worthy of recognition. This season, the Hong Kong team on two fronts, foreign aid team to upgrade again, before the introduction of the Hengda striker El Kessen, South Korea International Gold Zhou Rong, the middle of the season also introduced Brazil striker hulk. Such a luxury division, in the Super League and did not show absolute dominance, the opening of the great, Erickson a lineup to play the world began to be questioned by the parties. With the constant brigade of the championship, the Hong Kong team is early away, and finally only the city of big brother Shenhua team for third place. Finally, the Hong Kong team hoped to beat Shenhua team won the runner up, the second consecutive season in AFC Champions League. AFC Champions League: the lore of Tokyo into the quarterfinals, were all swept in the North AFC Champions League stadium, Erickson led the Hong Kong team performed well. Qualifying 3-0 montho swept wing, successfully qualify for the race. The first group phase 1-2 away defeat to Melbourne after the victory, the Hong Kong team played a 4 game winning streak, successive victory over Samsung Bluewings, Osaka steel Pakistan, Melbourne victory, get ahead of qualifying, the highest score 12 points also created a super team in the group phase of the AFC Champions League. In 18 finals, with Tokyo FC, the Hong Kong team at 1-2 behind the case, home court rely on Wu Lei’s stoppage time winner 1-0 win the quarter finals. The 14 and final match Jeonbuk Hyundai, Erickson has led the Hong Kong team further. The first leg of the 0-0 draw, the second leg away 0-5 were all swept north, the Hong Kong team missed AFC Champions League four, which is one of the fuse Erickson finally after class. The Hong Kong team want to challenge the Hengda throne, and hope in the AFC Champions League competition something, Erickson)相关的主题文章: