Erudite writer Eko tell you how human enemies

Erudite writer Eko tell you how human enemies [Abstract] since enemies are inherent psychological needs, so in front of this, whether it is a weak and feeble moral? It believes that the role of morality is not a whitewash no enemy of the world, and is trying to understand each other, empathy, standing on the other side of the angle. [Abstract] in February 19th this year, Italy writer and scholar Umberto Eco · died at the age of 84. As it works China publishers Shanghai Translation Publishing House published many writer of his latest plan in 2016, including the complex "enemies". "Enemies" of the book received 15 text, content, multiple walk across the ancient and modern world, the writer’s multiple identities fused to a book. In this excerpt from the book of the opening of the "enemies" at the same time, the origin of book titles. Eko learned through a series of informative, tell the reader, since ancient times, human beings how to put with their different ethnic groups — alien, black, pagan, Jewish, witch, lepers, and even now the non European immigrants — a step by step up into the enemy. Umberto Eco · a few years ago, I had met in New York the name of a very clumsy taxi driver, he said he was in Pakistan. Then he asked me where I came from, I said Italy. He asked how many people in Italy, when he learned that the population of Italy is so small, and the official language is not English, it is very shocking. Finally, he asked me who was the enemy of Italy. I asked, "what?" He patiently explained to me that he wanted to know what Italy had been fighting with in the last few hundred years, whether it was for territorial disputes, racial hatred, or border aggression. I said we didn’t fight anyone. He patiently to explain to me he wants to know who are our enemies, who also is national and the Italians killing each other. I reiterate that we do not have such an enemy. A recent war took place more than half a century ago, and even in that war, the first enemy and the ultimate enemy were not the same people. He was not satisfied with my answer. How can a nation have no enemies? When I got off the bus, I gave him a tip of two dollars for the nation’s insensitive pacifism. As soon as I got out of the car, I suddenly realized that I should have answered that the Italians are not enemies, but they are not enemies. They are not in the enemy who is on the issue of consensus, because they are always in internal conflicts: Pisa and Livorno continue to fight, to the party and the party Erfu Gilbert Lin Dou, North and south send sent fighting, fascist and anti fascist guerrillas fighting, the Mafia and the national government and the court of bucket, bucket but that hasn’t happened — the two Prodi administration’s downfall event, otherwise I can also have to explain to him what defeated the Allies "firepower". The battle of Adu, however, was very thin, and I thought it was the worst tragedy of our country that we had never had a real enemy for nearly sixty years. The unification of Italy is due to the presence of the Austrians, or:相关的主题文章: