Essential Gear For New Harley

UnCategorized Harley Davidson is an iconic name in the motorcycle world, and if you have just gotten your new Harley ride you’ve also joined a culture that is as American as apple pie. Before taking to the open road and all the freedom that brings with it, you need to make sure you have all the essential gear to go along with your bike. Here is a quick overview of some of the most important must-haves. Helmet: Many Harley riders don’t wear helmets, but there are just as many who do. State helmet laws and personal preferences aside, it’s always a good idea to have protective head gear on hand for when you need it. Most good helmets feature all the safety-related bells and whistles, so really it’s mostly a matter of finding one that fits best. Different head gear has different internal structures, so be sure to try at least five helmets on for .parison’s sake. Jacket: A Harley Davidson men’s leather jacket is de rigueur for Harley enthusiasts. A true motorcycle jacket is much preferred over a "regular" one because it’s specifically designed for riding: it will have longer sleeves, extra padding in the right places and air vents that can either let air in or let it out, among other key features. Depending on the weather conditions when you ride, you may want to have several leather jackets in various weights. A good jacket will not only protect you from the elements but will also protect you in case of accident. Overpants or Chaps: You can always wear just jeans when you ride, but adding leather chaps or overpants as well is a really great idea. Leg protection is essential for diminishing the effects of high winds as well as debris that may be kicked up on the road. Many riders prefer overpants to regular leather pants because they can be easily removed at the end of a ride. If you want extra protection, get pants or chaps that have added padding. Boots and Gloves: Protecting your vulnerable extremities is not an option – it’s an absolute must! Gloves should fit well yet not be so tight as to cut off circulation when you’re gripping. Riding gloves .e in three basic styles: standard, gauntlet and fingerless. Standard style is perfect for new riders. Boot soles should be made from heavy-duty, high-grip rubber. Many riders prefer over-ankle designs for extra protection against flying debris and hot exhaust pipes. You and your Harley will be sharing many adventures together: make sure both of you are outfitted properly for optimum protection and safety. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: