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Explain the heavenly beings life and death so as to heaven: the pain of Walker did not break off! The joy of eternity in heaven! Vin Gamarupoche people have heard about the heaven, even think that heaven is what Buddhists call the Elysian Fields, which is a different concept. Many people who believe in other religions will go to heaven as their ultimate goal. Heaven is Buddhism said six in heaven, still in samsara. Mahayana Buddhists out of the cycle, so not to be reborn in heaven, but since he went to Elysian Fields Lili, the gas station before the Buddha in practice, continue to study, to verify the level of unsurpassed enlightenment of buddha. Go to heaven and holiday like, like in the red dust in the tired, love to go on holiday. When you decide to go on holiday, first of all, you must be rich. When you want to go to heaven, you must first be blessed. When you are tired of life have accumulated enough blessings when there was good karma and may leak the traction force, you can go to heaven in the afterlife. One thing not to forget, to enjoy the holidays, you have been spending money, no chance to lose money, money is running out of the day. The same is true of going to heaven, to heaven is to consume the blessing, blessing is also running out of time. To our community, including heaven, formless heavens. A total of twenty-eight days from bottom to top. Celestial beings six beings of the highest level, and great blessings, the body looks dignified, beautiful, good enjoyment of freedom, long life, no suffering, but still bitter and bitter. Because heaven is immersed in the liquid, so it won’t renunciation and often forget the time, and impermanence, although their life compared to the world is very long, but the man felt it may be just a short time. Just like the normal life of mosquitoes is only about fifty days, but for them, from birth, growth, mating, birth, aging and death, can be completed. Human beings will also have this feeling: happy time, always too fast. To day from low to high has six layers: four Wang Tianrui, 33, Ferris, tushita night, day, he in music. There lived with prostitution, feeling, color, such as food for men and women ", and they were glad all praise Buddha Buddhist, flying in the sky, scattered, wonderful, wonderful day playing wonderful fantasy Tianle smoked…… The body is bright and pure, so called flying. They committed adultery with human beings, such as tushita can be hand in hand with her, to smile to music day adultery. The most bitter is, before the end of the bitter. They can see their inner will to incarnate the inferior road feel pain, pain, awareness can clearly feel the body broken light, flowers wither, smelly sweat clothes dirty, restless, discomfort, odor scattered, away from the other man, can only send blessings. They used to spend a lot of wanton blessings, Lin Mingzhong to fall straight evil way, not long incarnation good fun. Our four, eighteen layers including the early days of Zen, Zen day: Fanzhong day, Vatican auxiliary days, two days: Brahma; Zen less light day, infinite light day, light tone day; three days: Zen net day less, no amount of net, net times day day, each of the three layer. The four day: cloudy, Zen fussa days, wide fruit day, not like days, no trouble, no hot weather, good day, good day is the day?相关的主题文章: