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The fans to raise public exposure to pull the banner to send aircraft Mourinho class go the old Moyers – sports fans to raise public Sohu exposure Mourinho sent aircraft to pull the banner of class   the League Manchester United at Old Trafford against Burnley in the game, the red devils who won a total of 37 times the opportunity to hit the door, the ball rate is as high as 72.2%, the number of times it is in the corner 19-1 way ahead opponent, but even so Mourinho’s team is still only a 0-0 draw with rivals, a record since the start of the 200304 season statistical data since the 37 shot was unable to obtain a new record in the premier league! After the game, Mourinho once again become a target for all you know, after the 10 round of the league, Manchester United only accumulates 15 points, this is the 199091 season since the team history second poor start performance. In the face of cruel reality, some United fans sit still, they launched a "let Mourinho go through Twitter (Get Mourinho Out)" aircraft banner campaign. The event from October 2nd officially launched the day Manchester United home court 1-1 draw with Storck City, just pick up the game winning streak halted. The game, Manchester United has a total of 24 shots, 9 shots, the chance is not much, Mourinho said this is a high-profile united the 6-0 or 7-0 win, the ideal is full, the reality is very cruel, united in exchange for just one goal and one integral. Since then, United began a variety of CIS, double red 0-0 is stuck with Liverpool, red and blue war with great difference 0-4 swallow defeat, coupled with last week shot 37 times without a hit, Manchester United nearly 4 League 1 negative level 3, scoring just 1, you say fans can not worry? It is reported that launched the "let Mourinho out from October 2nd (Get Mourinho Out)" aircraft banner campaign so far, there have been more than 8000 fans to participate in and support. United future a recent event is the November 16th League home court encounter with Arsenal, if the Red Devils down in the UEFA Cup at Farenair Pace and at the Swansea League game continues to slump, dream theater over the next month it may see "let Mourinho go (Get Mourinho Out)" the shame of the banner. Two years ago, united in the Derby 3-0 defeat by Manchester City, fans reached a peak for Moyers’s dissatisfaction with the part of loyal employment pull the plane to boycott the Scotland coach banner, and flew over the dream theater. The slogan is: the wrong choice, Moyers class (Wrong one, Moyes out), it is reported that the pull up banners and hire a total of 840 aircraft to make the cost of the fans organization. Van Gaal era has been the risk of being humiliated by the banner, but the Manchester United fans organization finally chose a compromise to save the Dutch face. But will Mourinho be lucky this time? (GD)相关的主题文章: