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"Fans goings topple the former girlfriend" crew "cahuo incarnation of Sun Jian" – Sun Jian "entertainment Sohu Zhengkua ex girlfriend" Sun Jian "Zhengkua ex girlfriend" fans after witnessing the scene Sun Jian and fans affectionately photo Entertainment News reported by the Sohu, LETV ecological self-produced, fan Jinxuan film director, popular actor Sun Jian starred in the urban idol drama "Zhengkua ex girlfriend" is Shanghai hot shot. The afternoon of September 11th, Sun Jian fans club with hundreds of copies of elaborate gifts, travel to Shanghai shooting place Sun Jian and the crew. The interpretation of the play the male lead "gold kylin" Sun Jian, transformed into a "gold cahuo", new stories and humorous love story, let the fans and netizens anticipated. "Zhengkua ex girlfriend" hot shot Sun Jian Shanghai fans goings cordial photo Shanghai is like a raging fire shooting in the idol drama "Zhengkua ex girlfriend", since yesterday for the first time since the opening of the boot fans goings, ushered in the national hero Sun Jian fan fan, fan group representatives carrying hundreds of copies of elaborate gifts, to condolences to the crew staff. The recent popularity rose Sun Jian has just finished a familiar taste "reality show" and a comedy movie, went to participate in the film crew, fans told "by turns into serious shooting drama at the same time, also must take good care of your body." See fans from all over the country, moved more than, Sun Jian is also a patient and cordial response, and a lot of fans and cordial photo. Sun Jian "CEO" site to answer difficult new roles which everyone look at yesterday "Zhengkua ex girlfriend" Sun Jian fan clubs and music fans collective goings on in creative crew and we also carried out a special intimate interaction, play as "Zhengkua ex company founder, CEO Sun Jian, the scene not only as we described in the company’s main business, but also for the fans to answer a number of" Difficult miscellaneous diseases ", let the scene atmosphere once reached a climax. The strength of the idol Sun Jian starred in the new role, also let fans and netizens are full of expectations, and have a message said: "looking forward to your new drama, what time can be on the line?" "You seem to be able to control many types, this time will bring us what kind of surprise? Look forward to"相关的主题文章: