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Farewell to work   E-sports finally to the right path — people.com.cn game original title: Farewell to the work of E-sports finally to the good electronic athletics is an electronic game play to reach the "competitive" activities. E-sports is the use of electronic equipment as a sports equipment, the intellectual confrontation between people. Through sports, you can exercise and improve participants’ thinking ability, reaction ability, eye limb coordination and willpower, cultivate team spirit. E-sports in early 2003 was listed as a national ninety-ninth official sports competition project, but at that time E-sports did not get the public recognition, but a lot of people are buttoned up the raffish hat, many parents think that electronic athletics is in a waste of time, waste of life, the author and a lot of E-sports lovers like parents education numerous times, now vaguely remember many times by my mom pulled out from the bar scene. E-sports is listed as a university sports professional E-sports in September 2016 ushered in a major change, according to the "Ordinary College of Higher Occupation Education (College) professional settings management measures", basis submit supplementary professional advice in schools and industry, education and Research Organization Department has identified a total of 13 professional 2016 Annual Supplement see, our class of professional sports class looms electronic sports and professional management, which means that the electronic athletics from this moment really into the track, is no longer provides more convenient conditions for this heresy E-sports development in the future. (Shen Guangqian, commissioning editor Bi Lei) original title: Farewell to E-sports finally to the right path since 2003 in the electronic sports world has more than and 10 years of development. As the industry continues to standardize, mainstream media attention, commercialization and standardization of the trend has become more apparent, especially from the gaming bid after the news is caused a great disturbance, whether it is hype or indeed, that E-sports has certain influence. E-sports has now been recognized by more and more people are electronic games can achieve today’s achievement, it cannot do without a gaming people joint effort and hard work, now has electronic athletics from the dark and small Internet cafes to the stadium is even more stage, many fans also gradually and the occupation of road and the star anchor Road, electronic sports events such as the rain like bamboo shoots emerge, cybersports players income to be higher than before a lot, in front of more and more employment opportunities in gaming enthusiasts, the signs that the electronic athletics has been gradually accepted by the masses. The benefits of electronic sports is objectively according to the relevant departments of statistics in 2014 China overall gaming market reached 22 billion 630 million yuan, but the event of income is only 130 million yuan, Gaming Club and other related industries, the derivative income is as high as 870 million yuan. It is reported that from 2010 to 2014 a short period of time in a few years, the overall increase in the total prize of electronic sports as high as 1083%,相关的主题文章: