FAW TOYOTA Shenzhen used car center opened 9c8947

FAW TOYOTA Shenzhen used car center opened in October 28th, FAW TOYOTA Shenzhen used car center in Shenzhen, Daxing TOYOTA FAW special sales officially opened. This is the FAW TOYOTA this year opened third second-hand car center, also the Beijing (2), twelfth of second-hand car center in Dalian, Zhuhai, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Shenyang, Zhongshan, Foshan, Nanjing, Haikou. The opening of the center, not only shows that FAW TOYOTA will provide a more professional car service for the owners of Shenzhen, but also means that the FAW TOYOTA professional used car service has taken an important step. In early 2005, FAW TOYOTA will set up second-hand car business platform in the country imported second-hand cars that stores system, provide all brands, all types of vehicle replacement, standardized and systematic evaluation of hospitality flow characteristics of one-stop service for customers to secure replacement, has no fear of the "peace of mind" transfer experience for customers. The FAW TOYOTA car replacement service has the following four characteristics: the first is professional, teacher and professional service professional assessment; second is transparent, FAW TOYOTA has used car consulting platform rich, has brought together a large number of second-hand car price data, provide objective and reasonable price for the customer, to facilitate the full range of comparison; again is the standard, FAW TOYOTA dealership has formulated strict verification system, to ensure that the customers can enjoy a unified and standardized service is convenient; finally, the replacement of FAW TOYOTA that store, consumers can enjoy one-stop service, and complete the new car replacement car buying disposable. On the basis of the replacement of second-hand car business, FAW TOYOTA and in 2007 launched a second-hand car sales certification shop system, and launched specifically for its own brand of certified used car". Unlike the non brand second-hand car, second-hand car is the FAW TOYOTA certification will be the vehicle brand after the acquisition, thorough cleaning service, give Quanguolianbao, customer oriented to provide brand of second-hand car, the whole process has a strict to exacting standards. The sale of second-hand car certification have the following 8 characteristics: car sales sources must be within 6, 120 thousand km framework and no abnormal vehicle; after professional testing of 170 items, including internal and external body, engine, power, braking, cooling, lighting, suspension system; use of professional cleaning tools for high standard, clean the specified consumable parts are replaced TOYOTA, free replacement of oil filter; provides 1 years 20000 km warranty; the implementation of the national network of warranty for 3 months; 5000 km free maintenance; 24 hours free road rescue; 300 kilometers within 3 days cargo commitment. Strict inspection procedures and a comprehensive after-sales commitment for consumers to ensure the security of the car, creating a sense of the second-hand car consumption experience. From the identification of "second-hand car shop" second-hand car "center" leap to the customer, means will enjoy a more convenient and professional second-hand car trading service, the Shenzhen Daxing Baoan FAW TOYOTA dealership, it means more investment and pay for more professional, more professional equipment, professional talent reserves, the same can not be less. At the same time, the store has more.相关的主题文章: