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FBI director: Hilary will start the "mail door" re investigation of Hilary (information) China News Agency, Washington (reporter Zhang Yuran) in October 28, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) local time 28 days of former Secretary of state Hilary decided to restart the · survey; Clinton "mail about the door. American media generally believe that before the presidential election day and the 11 day, it is expected to have a significant impact on Hilary’s election, or to create the "October surprise". FBI director Comi said in a letter to Congress in a letter said that he had said FBI has concluded the investigation of Hilary’s mail server in congressional testimony, but in the case of an independent investigation and server survey, FBI learned a number of new mail, the mail seems to be related to the previous survey Hilary server. FBI investigation team yesterday has been reported to him about the survey results, he agreed that FBI should take "appropriate investigative measures" to allow the relevant personnel to review these messages, to determine whether they contain confidential information. Comi said he could not predict how long the investigation will last, it is impossible to assess whether the material is of great significance, he decided to put the above information to members of congress. Comi did not disclose the source of these messages in the letter. Comprehensive recent national polls, the current Hilary support rate of 5.2 percentage points ahead of Trump, the majority of the swing state’s support rate is also leading. The American media to "October surprise" to describe the FBI decided to restart the news of the investigation, and generally believe that the "mail door" event storm again is expected to have a significant impact on the Hilary election, contribute to the polls backward rival Trump’s decline. The United States Department of justice minister Lynch in July has Loretta · said in a statement, will accept the recommendations of the FBI, not because of "email" Sue Hilary. Hilary and his colleagues said in Komi, although very sensitive, in the processing of highly confidential information "extremely careless", but did not intentionally violate the relevant laws. (end)相关的主题文章: