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Dating Have you ever felt like women were keeping a "secret" from you? That they were leaving something out of what they really are looking for in a man? Well, a lot of men kind of feel this way, so you are definitely not alone on this. And to tell the truth, it’s easy to see why you might feel like this. I mean, it’s not like a woman will hand you detailed instructions on how to attract her, will she? No, she will not. It’s up to you to discover what attracts a woman, and what you need to do to make her find you attractive and the kind of man that she wants to date. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow find a way to start attracting women to YOU? Here are 4 secrets of attracting women to you that should be a little help: 1. The way that you carry yourself will say a lot to a woman. It’s not just about the body language. It’s the confidence that oozes from you, it’s the charm that you seem to have, and it’s the charisma that will get her to want to get to know you. When you carry yourself like a guy that strikes out a lot with women, guess what happens? You strike out a lot more. However, if you change the way that you carry yourself, you can change your results with women. 2. You have to be.e a natural talker when you are with a woman. Just think how boring and dull it would be for her to meet a man that seems to be what she is looking for, only to find that he bores her to death with his idle chit chat. You need to be able to "hook" a woman with your conversation, so that she finds herself almost .pelled to want to hear more and more from you. There’s nothing that will kill the sparks with a woman quicker than not being able to hold a conversation that interests her. 3. You need to make it apparent that you are interested in her, just not too much. Look, you could try and play the whole hard to get thing and still lose out on a woman, because if you appear to be too hard to get, you can actually .e off as just not being interested at all in her. You have to have a balance here, or else it will end up not working out in your favor. If you think that she will turn away because you show a little interest, think again. 4. You have to be presentable. You don’t have to wear the latest fashions and look like a guy that spends a lot of time at the mall shopping. But, you do want to appear presentable, because a woman is not going to say to herself, "wow, he looks like a total bum, I like that." Well, to be truthful, there might be a few that are into that whole look, but really, most are not. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: