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Female students referred to alleged fraud remitted to the liar nearly a million – Sohu news "your personal information is fraudulent, suspected of involvement in a number of fraud cases, please cooperate with the investigation." Recently, the University of Xianyang in small leisurely (a pseudonym) received such a call, in conjunction with the investigation process, nearly $10000 into the liar account. The completion of the two verification card nearly million was transferred on September 26th in the afternoon ATM, Xiao you told China Daily reporter, September 7th at 12 pm, she received a number of "10086" phone, a man claiming to be China Mobile’s artificial customer service, said she suspected of fraud, to assist the public security investigation bureau. Then, the call is transferred to the "Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of Putuo District", a "Sun police" said, people use her personal information in Shanghai for a bank card, the number of suspected fraud case, the amount of up to 128 thousand yuan, she needs to cooperate with the investigation. Then, carefully inquired about her family and bank card information, including the balance of each bank card and the tail number. The phone has been transferred to a section chief and prosecutor, the two person to facilitate the investigation, so that the bank will be a small sum of money on the card to a card. She did it, they let her find a ICBC ATM recently, insert the card and enter the password, and enter a "validation encoding", finally see a smiling face, on behalf of the successful. She finished the verification by the other side". Subsequently, the small leisurely check the balance of bank cards, found to be more than 100 yuan from more than 4800 yuan. At this time the other side said, there are 5000 yuan just to import small leisurely account, in the next minute was taken away by a small leisurely, and then use the $5000 for verification, not to participate in fraud. Small leisurely uncle borrowed 5000 yuan, in accordance with the previous process again verified success. Subsequently, the other said, she needs to pay 12000 yuan deposit, the money will be returned to her after the case. Small leisurely so again to Uncle call to borrow money, uncle aware of strange, not to. No one answered the phone call to be aware of the fraud, said Xiao Xiao, 8 o’clock in the evening uncle rushed to the school, after listening to her talk about her, took her to a nearby police station. When the record is made, the other party to call, the police picked up and said, who are you, for the convenience of the phone immediately hung up, no one answered the call again. She was then react, he was really cheated. Small leisurely to the China Daily reporter provides the mobile phone call records, records show: small leisurely and "+8615000****46" of the Shanghai mobile number 12 call records, including 7 incoming and 5 outgoing record record. Talk time from 4:22 PM to 9 p.m., 03 minutes. Then, Xiao you provide bank bill shows 7 September there were 6 pen transfer records, the first is to turn out 4713 yuan and 2100 yuan, 4.8 yuan, and then transferred to 5000 yuan, and out of 4901 yuan and 4.8 yuan. Xiao Yi said that when she answered the phone did not see the number displayed as 10086, but after viewing the call records, found that the number changed to + snow相关的主题文章: