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Feng Xiaogang: the movie can not go with the tide, the tide is easy season – Entertainment Sohu   Feng Xiaogang said the film facing multiple links lack of professional personnel Legal Evening News reported on October 23rd (reporter Tian Wanting) yesterday, 2016 Chinese film investment forum held in Haikou, which attracted more than 60 people from the movie China and the United States, South Korea and other countries and area. Not only the light media limited company president Wang Changtian, Hongkong China Edko films company president Jiang Zhiqiang, He Ping, Feng Xiaogang, Manfred Wong, director Sun Zhou, and Sam Ryan Harris, Hollywood producer Michael Berg, the famous actor and producer Michael Douglas are gathered in the dialogue forum. Talking about the relationship between capital and creation, Feng Xiaogang bluntly lack of China film talent, a 100 person crew, one of only five or six, and called for the establishment of the film industry personnel training mechanism, cultivate more professional talents. It is easy to follow the trend of the film can not follow Feng Xiaogang, the film can not follow the trend, because it is easy to tide over the season. Feng Xiaogang for his upcoming film, "I am not Pan Jinlian" for example, "Pan Jinlian turned out to be in the national archives, later found" Pan Jinlian "for an advantage, and no other theme crash, we have a material advantage, this is actually a kind of courage and vision of the market." But how to respond to the market, Feng Xiaogang also did not say anything, he said the specific results to be released in November 18th to see, anyway, we are in the right direction. Only want to sell is late, must not go with the flow." For now, in order to promote the film crazy roadshow, Feng Xiaogang considered "harass the people and waste money" thing, "sometimes with actor 15 days 20 days running twenty City, harass the people and waste money. Ang Lee director of the promotion of ‘juvenile school’ in the movie channel made a visit, the effect is good. Now as this flyover stall zoujianghu way, it is not desirable." Each link of hardware resources serious shortage of professional talent shortage about the rapid development of Chinese films in recent years, Feng Xiaogang admitted that although Chinese film is developing rapidly, but some areas can not keep up, "as far as I know, Beijing studio now is not enough. If you want to use a day to shoot an ad, simply do not go in, all filled with." In addition to the lack of hardware facilities, the Chinese film industry is more than a lack of talent, Feng Xiaogang believes that the lack of talent is not only refers to the director, screenwriter talent, but also other aspects of the film’s professional and technical personnel. Feng Xiaogang said: I recently 3 films are working with Korea Companies, Korea Companies is not only professional, but also to the price of only 1/5 of Hollywood. China’s film industry in particular the need for a professional team of companies, we may be able to ask props from Hollywood, special effects, make-up and other aspects of the teacher, to help us quickly train professional and technical aspects of the film."   相关的主题文章: