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Feng Xiaogang’s dissatisfaction with the row piece propaganda Wang Jianlin Wang Sicong responded: look sick days before Feng Xiaogang micro-blog issued a letter of "Pan Jinlian to Mr. Wang Jianlin’s letter" propaganda, Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin, Wanda cinema of the cold "I am not Pan Jinlian" expressed dissatisfaction. The letter said: "at present, the film in other theaters nationwide row piece average value above 40%, the rate was only 10.9% in row group." "10.9% of the row, reflecting the mind of your group of 10.9%". It implies that the move was in retaliation for Wanda in February this year, Huayi hired former vice president of Wanda culture group ye ning. Soon, Wang Sicong in an open letter to Wanda Feng Xiaogang responded: "micro-blog director Feng, please don’t speak so mystifying, listening to the sick. Originally, two private grievances should be two things, how just because you are a director can incite the masses and the media network to spray on us? We only dig Huayi matter, we have dedicated protocol (Note: should the agreement) in the body of the executive, we are not allowed to have any discomfort? You only row piece as others, does not allow us to piece you are not optimistic about the lower row? Speak the truth, no man and no money, if you this movie is good, we will be in accordance with the procedures of the process of increasing row piece, you as a director, speak with Nadechushou works, is it better?" Soon, Feng Xiaogang also sent a micro-blog, called Wang Sicong "Chairman Wang Sicong", and said: "thank you for your cause and reveal to the public, unhappy, cause you are not optimistic about the film, and leads to low row piece of" I am not Pan Jinlian "by Wanda, than you say. I said more convincing. I don’t know what is your devotion agreement principle, I think, respect the laws of the market, is also a professional, or that sentence, calm down, I always pay attention to you, love your stateroom, upright!"相关的主题文章: