Fidelity pure debt products revenue among the top ten similar financial Sohu

Fidelity pure debt products revenue among the top ten similar Sohu financial reporter was informed that more than just pure debt products this year, including the Fidelity Fund’s pure debt funds and debt based, the overall performance is good, the product yield similar among the ten. According to statistics, the Milky Way securities fund research center, as of September 2nd, fidelity quality pure debt A B over the past 6 months respectively to 3.67%, the net growth rate of 3.34%, ranked the comparable fund third, second; A B fidelity gifted classical debt this year were 4.33%, 4.17% of the net growth rate, in the comparable fund ninth, third; fidelity teemko classification over the past 3 months, the net increase of 3.88%, ranked first in 92 than the same type of fund; fidelity double surplus last year net growth rate of 6.91%, ranked the comparable fund before 12; Prudential regular monthly payment is by virtue of performance over the same period 9.57% in 44, only first of comparable products. Looking ahead, the Fidelity Fund said that the economic fundamentals in the long-term weakness does not change, partial loose monetary policy steady, the price of money probably rate to maintain the current level of short-term, the central bank has no intention to drop quasi". Long term investment value of interest rate debt is still in the interest rate can rise to intervene. Credit spreads over compression, short-term investment value is insufficient, the overall risk is greater than the opportunity. Author: (should be preferred) should be preferred相关的主题文章: