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"Fight" attack on the U.S. presidential election months who will win the White House? Sohu news network November 8, local time, 8, 2009, the U.S. presidential election will be held for the first time in four years. The campaign "fight" a few months later, the democratic and Republican parties "on behalf of the partisan struggle" of Hilary and Trump, who wins the White House, to see the outcome. The data map of the United States Republican presidential candidate John Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Hilary (right) for tired to hoarseness Trump disdain "star campaign" since July this year to become the democratic and Republican presidential candidate, Hilary and Trump for months shuttling across the country, through the advertisement war, campaign speech, voters held a press meeting the reception and other forms of public debate, the affairs of domestic and foreign policies, to win the trust of their voters and win votes. The two campaign released the last 48 hours before the schedule shows that the current election is intense, two people even in the day before the election is not relaxed. Hilary and Trump kept his focus on the swing state, hoping to persuade not made up his mind at the last moment of the voters to vote for their own. On the 5 day, Hilary to the south of Florida and Philadelphia campaign, 7, and Obama went to Michigan canvassing, she will be in the polling day before North Carolina held a campaign rally at midnight. Trump is in a few days fatigued with the journey even catch 7, from Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina to New Hampshire will not let go. Busy canvassing Hilary in recent days has been too tired to hoarseness, in order to attract more young people and minorities vote, the Hilary campaign repeatedly asked for her help in Arts celebrities. Diva Beyonce and her husband Jay Z NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers star lebronjames, rock band Bon Jovi and famous singer Katy Pery has unveiled Hilary supporter. The Trump campaign rally lack celebrity support, but he pulled Hilary star said disdain: "here I stand alone. On my own. No guitar, no piano, nothing." Data figure Hilary’s support rate is slightly ahead of the United States is expected to meet the first female president of the United States, Hilary? A week before the election day, restart because of "mail survey door", since Trump’s support rate in May had overtake Hilary for the first time. But the latest polls show that Hilary has been holding the advantage. In particular, there are two days away from the U.S. presidential election, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) said it would no longer on the door to re prosecute Hilary, but also regarded as a major positive for the election of Hilary. "Washington Post" and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) 6, the latest poll, Hilary by 48% to 43% lead; American election forecast website RealClearPolitics statistics average national polls showed Hilary’s support rate of two percentage points more than Trump. However, the recent series of negative news fermentation still has an impact on Hilary.相关的主题文章: