First Atlantic .merce To Participate In .bating Cybercrime Conference In London,

E.merce Hamilton, Bermuda. January 7, 2009. First Atlantic .merce (FAC), a leading, international, online multi-currency payment and risk management solutions provider, will be attending a ".bating Cybercrime" conference in London later this month to promote its suite of consumer pre-authentication solutions for Internet merchants, processors and bank acquirers. cGate SecureRisk is a .prehensive suite of consumer pre-authentication solutions aimed at reducing online payment fraud, enhancing real-time payment fraud reporting, and mitigating Internet payment related risks for both bank acquirers and online businesses. cGate SecureRisk includes North American Address Verification Services (AVS), Card Verification match checks (CVV2/CVC2), Amex CID match checks, worldwide 3-D’ Secure solutions, IP Geolocation and Geo.pliance services, and the .pany’s newest product, cGate Validate a unique Card Account Confirmation service. All of the FAC consumer authentication solutions can be implemented without performing a payment authorisation request, allowing the requests to be confidential and anonymous. cGate Validate enables banks and online businesses to validate the consumer is in possession of both the physical card, and the billing statement, when an online account is established. Cardholders are required to verify the amount, and the billing statement description of a particular transaction amount, and confirm the details at the participating merchant’s web site, or customer service centre, in order to be confirmed as a legitimate cardholder. The payment transaction request does not disclose the name of the actual merchant performing the request, which makes it a unique service. "We will be promoting our suite of risk management products at .bating Cybercrime and ICEi to all industries that are the target of online credit card fraud," says Andrea Wilson, CEO of FAC. "This includes online merchants, acquiring banks, payment processors and online financial service providers many of whom attend this international event." The .bating Cybercrime conference takes place at Earls Court in London on January 27, 2009. FAC’s multi-currency 3-D’ Secure solutions, including Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode’, are available as a standalone service to acquiring banks and merchants who wish to identify if the cardholder (or Issuer) is participating in 3-D’ Secure in advance of the actual payment request, which may be conducted through another processor. The service is available without payment authorisation requests. FAC’s 3-D’ Secure only solution can be implemented independently of payment gateway transaction services, providing more flexibility to acquirers and payment processors for up front consumer and Issuer screening. cGate SecureRisk services are available to merchants and acquirers around the world. "Merchants and banks will have an immediate benefit with a reduction in online transactional risk," said Tricia Lines Hill, VP of Marketing & Corporate .munications. "Flexibility, and meeting and supporting the risk management objectives of our clients, is the ultimate goal of this .prehensive suite of products." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: