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Fo Guang Shan mountains to commemorate the 50 anniversary of Liu Changle’s speech following Mr. Liu Changle 2016.5.16 in Fo Guang Shan mountains 50 years commemoration speech (record) all the monks you you Dade Fo Guang Shan family friends: good afternoon! Very few and we celebrate the fifty anniversary of Fo Guang Shan mountains. Birthday Happy! Happy birthday! Fo Guang Shan mountains fifty years, creating a hundred Temple Temple in the five continents of the world, blia 130 countries and regions throughout the world, Tetra Pak beings Buddhism uptrend of thousands of years, millions of devout people regardless of race, Buddhism has been to the world. Fifty years, the grand master start empty-handed generation achievement, Dharma foundation, "foguangpuzhao three thousand, water flows five continents" ambition. The Grand Master once said: "Buddhism idioms quoted Yuzuo Buddhist monks, first for all horse cattle, horse and cattle and now, in the end, the chest is not difficult to find, and indignation, in which we can see a good seed. A monk’s heart can be? How far can a monk walk? We see the answer from the ninety years of the master of the universe. We found the answer from the road to Grand Master seventy-eight years of preaching. We are from the light for Guang Shan half a century of experience to answer. A monk of the elderly, alone in a most difficult mountain to climb up a unattainable mountain, standing on the top of the hill, the young man said to him for advice on the way to the state of mind: "climb up step by step, not a." Carefully combing the life of the master, and found that it can be summed up in two words, that is: mercy". I remember eight years ago, I was in Hongkong with the master dialogue, I asked him, if we give up all, leaving only one thing, what should we leave? "The master replied," there is no permanent home, and there is no forever. If there is only one thing left, I shall leave mercy, even if all things have gone with the passage of time. Without it, you’re nothing." Compassion is the good king, and is the fundamental. The seeds of compassion, seemingly small, is immortal, only to be mature, it is flourishing, as the grand master to create confidence, give people hope, give people happiness, to facilitate people to the world Buddhism, had air plant, flowers and fruit, spread fragrance, left to the congregation of infinite gratitude. It is because of the mercy, only the back I want three of the seeds of compassion about fruit story: the first story: a jeffrey. In 1987, the king held a 60 birthday celebration ceremony, solemn meeting, representatives of the two sides. When the ceremony was, chairman of the Buddhist Association, Mr. Zhao Puchu’s wife suddenly can’t help coughing. Then the sensitivity of cross-strait relations, no interaction with each other, but the master immediately signaled the child beside, took out a cough Jeffrey, handed Mrs. Zhao, Zhao lady eat, immediately cough. That night, Zhao Pulao went out to express my gratitude to the master, give thanks by calligraphy. Two people talk about the occasion, know each other more hin a consensus, heard;相关的主题文章: