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Spicy African Food By: John Wellington | Nov 28th 2006 – The staples of African food consist in the majority of tubers, starches and vegetables. Cassava, yams, okra, greens, tropical fruits such as coconuts and bananas, corn, rice, millet, peanuts, sorghum and barley are mainstays of the diet, depending on the region. Meat is used sparingly in some areas, but seasonings weigh hea … Tags: Health Food By: Kadence Buchanan | Nov 8th 2006 – Does your kid often eat junk food? Chances are, the answer to that one is a resounding yes because, as all parents know, children everywhere in the world absolutely love junk food such as hamburgers, pizza, candy, soda and salty foods like potato chips and french fries. Like most parents, you probably want to wean your chil … Tags: Food As Medicine By: Casey Yew | Oct 21st 2006 – Consuming the correct proportions of vitamins and minerals from original food sources can .bat many symptoms of poor health such as extra weight, fatigue, and even many illnesses. In fact, there is a growing consensus of individuals promoting and living a lifestyle where food is used as a form of medicine. Tags: Dog Food Linked To Behavior By: Lori Matthews | Oct 17th 2006 – We all know the dangers of eating junk food or living on a diet of foods that are processed. We know about them and most of us make a point to avoid them. We also make sure that our children avoid them. This is often because hyperactivity and an array of behavioral problems have been closely linked with the diets of suffere … Tags: Food Is Good Medicine By: Chris Campbell | Oct 13th 2006 – Nobody likes medicine, but everyone likes to eat, so maybe food is the answer. Tags: Food On Tv By: Kadence Buchanan | Oct 12th 2006 – For some time now I have been watching an Emmy-winning television personality and author who hosts at least four different programs on U.S. cable television’s Food Network. Rachael Domenica Ray, has be.e one of my favorite culinary experts as her energetic personality and her smile have been enough to keep me in front of … Tags: Deciphering Pet Food Ingredient Labels By: Pam Stall | Oct 10th 2006 – You are what you wolf down. Presumably, also goes for your American Eskimo Dog . Therefore, how’d you such as to be a, "meat by-product?" Well, of course you wouldn’t, and the dog food secrets team’d be willing to bet your certainty of that need not even be matched by your familiarity with the downright "by-product" realm. … Tags: Guide To Allergy Dog Food By: Masni Rizal Mansor | Oct 8th 2006 – When a dog has skin problems, we rarely suspect these as food allergies or sensitivities. As most dogs keep eating the same type of dog food for years, the food usually escapes our radar as the problem. But dogs, like humans, can develop sensitivity to any food or additive at any time. Recent estimates indicate that 10 to 1 … Tags: Food Is Innocent By: Kadence Buchanan | Oct 5th 2006 – Any organism needs to be fed in order to grow and survive. Just like any animal, humans need food in order to receive the necessary energy with which they will grow and continue to function properly. But food has lately been blamed as the cause of obesity, and has been accused to be linked to a number of diseases and eating … Tags: Healthier Food Choices For Your Family By: Kathleen Frassrand | Sep 8th 2006 – Todays meals are all about quick and easy. Buying pre-packaged meals may save time, but we sacrifice nutrition. Here are some ideas on how to change your food lifestyle. Tags: The Food You Consume Can Influence Your Unborn Child By: Kadence Buchanan | Sep 8th 2006 – The miracle of human development, which begins from two cells and is .pleted when a new human organism is ready to be born, is a .plex process that requires the expecting mother to consume a great variety of nutritional substances in different quantities and at the right time. The fact that the food consumed during the … Tags: Dog Food Secrets – Exposed – Don’t Let Your Dog Die Young! By: Peter Nagy | Sep 5th 2006 – A shocking truth about .mercial dog food and dog health. Do you know that the dog food you are feeding your pet could be a cause of early death? Tags: Restaurants And Food Allergies…a Problem? By: Verona Raymond | Aug 21st 2006 – Why don’t restaurants know what ingredients are in their food? I have been allergic to dairy products among other things for quite a few years. So when I visit restaurants, I always politely request no cheese, or sour cream.�"’ The next thing you know I get an entrée with a cream sauce on it. Most food … Tags: Food For Healthy Skin By: Ryan Cote | Aug 16th 2006 – The American Academy of Dermatology advises us that, A healthy diet is important for improving raw materials for healthy skin.�"’ The basis for having healthy skin is a well-balanced diet that includes essential vitamins that aid in the important functions of your body’s system. The following are food for … Tags: Garden Of Life Whole Food In A Capsule By: Kwan H Lo | Jul 27th 2006 – Nutritional supplement is one of the hottest products in the market these days. It is estimated that more than half of adult Americans use vitamin supplements regularly. Many people also consume mineral supplements, digestive enzymes and herbal supplements. But are all supplements made equal? While many manufacturers are pr … Tags: Who Else Wants To Know About Asthma Food Allergy? By: Eddy Kong WW | Jul 16th 2006 – This article is to discuss what is actually asthma food allergy and how to identify it. Tags: Can Fast Food Be Healthy? By: Ken Snodin | Jul 14th 2006 – It is possible for people to make healthy food choices even if they only have a short time in which to prepare their meals. The first thing to realize is that it is often that healthy choices do not always mean a need for two-hour meals. A person can choose healthy foods that are quick and easy to prepare at home or to pick … Tags: Buying Premium Dog Food 101 By: Lori Matthews | Jul 5th 2006 – So you are wondering if the dog food you are feeding is really good for your canine. Maybe you heard that your particular brand of dog food is bad for your dog. Here I will try to explain what to look for as well as the ingredients and how they measure up to what you are currently feeding. Plea … Tags: Food Poisoning "�" Result Of Food Contamination By: Sharon Hopkins | Jun 22nd 2006 – Food poisoning is caused by eating organisms or toxins present in food or drinks. Staphylococcus or E. coli is one of the .monest bacteria which results in food poisoning. Due to improper handling, this kind of a contamination happens. Even though it is a very .mon condition it can get worse depending on the degree of c … Tags: Save Money Shopping For Food By: Barney Garcia | Jun 12th 2006 – If your concerned about saving money while shopping for food at the super market, there are a few simple tricks that can help. First, always make a shopping list before you leave to the store. If you stick to your list, you will avoid buying those impulse items that look appealing while you are shopping. Tags: How Lamb And Pears Can Help Your Food Allergy By: Jack Prime | Jun 3rd 2006 – Lamb and pears may appear to be a strange .bination, but the reason they are chosen as part of a food allergy diet is because they are rarely indicated in allergies. Tags: The Facts About Organic Baby Food By: A. Pruder | May 23rd 2006 – Quite simply, organic baby food is that which is processed without the use of artificial pesticides and/or synthetic fertilizers. While many note organic food as being either store-bought, garden grown or gathered in the wild, the correct association is certified organic foods, which are produced and labeled according to st … Tags: Food By: Mar | May 20th 2006 – Food is any substance that can be consumed for nutritional value and to provide extra energy. Food is the main source of energy and of nutrition for animals, and is usually of animal or plant origin. Many countries have a recognizable cuisine, a specific set of cooking traditions and practices. Tags: Gourmet Food Gift Basket – A Savory Treat For Any Occasion By: Larry A. Johnson | May 16th 2006 – A gourmet food gift basket can be a real treat to someone who loves to eat, and who doesn’t? For this reason a food gift basket is at the top of the yummy list when it .es to a scrumptious and luscious basket full of gourmet delights. With so many different tastes how does one go about selecting the most ch … Tags: Gourmet Food Gift Basket – A Savory Treat For Any Occasion By: Larry B. Johnson | May 16th 2006 – A gourmet food gift basket can be a real treat to someone who loves to eat, and who doesn’t? For this reason a food gift basket is at the top of the yummy list when it .es to a scrumptious and luscious basket full of gourmet delights. Tags: Dog Food Tips For Preventing Fussy Eaters By: Rebecca Prescott | May 9th 2006 – Here you’ll find dog food tips to prevent your dog a fussy eater, as well as general guidelines for feeding your dog. Also, for those making their own dog food, find out how much protein and fat your dog should be having, and why it’s important to balance these nutrients together. Tags: How To Introduce Baby Food To Your Baby By: Kerri Stalton | May 4th 2006 – As your little one reaches the age of five or six months, it"��s time to start thinking about introducing semi-solid foods into his or her diet. Before then, mother’s milk is the best food for a baby. Breast milk is easy to digest and provides a rich supply of vitamins and disease-fighting antibodies for the baby. It also f … Tags: Turn Back The Clock "�" Antioxidant Best Food That Slow The Aging Process By: Petter Rogstad | Apr 28th 2006 – As we grow older, we often wish we could turn back the clock and have the vitality of your younger days. In this article you will learn what is the best food that slows down the aging process, but first you have to learn what happens to your body when you grow older. Free radicals pose one of the greatest thr … Tags: Cool Summer Soup Recipes – A Food Processor And 10 Minutes Is All You Need By: Lynne Birch | Mar 27th 2006 – Summer is .ing and so is the hot weather. Nobody likes to cook in the heat of summer. A really hot meal on a hot day is almost as unpopular. It could be that a cool, easy to prepare summer soup is just what you need. Below are 3 recipes for soups that can be made in your food processor or blender. If you ha … Tags: Camping Food Suggestions For Your Camping Outings By: Gray Rollins | Mar 3rd 2006 – When camping, it is important to take plenty of food and water to remain nourished. These items should be easy to store, easy to carry when out on the trail and easy to keep fresh. Non perishable and dried items are best to take, but perishable items can be used if you have access to a refrigerator or cooler that will maint … Tags: What Are The Benefits Of Organic Food? By: Gray Rollins | Feb 26th 2006 – There is much discussion today about the pros and cons of organic food. People want to know whether organic food is better than non-organic food. They wonder whether the term "��organic"�� is nothing more than the latest money-making marketing term being thrown about. They question the regulatory oversight bodies that deter … Tags: Why You Should Consider Buying Organic Food By: Gray Rollins | Feb 26th 2006 – Besides the fact that organic food tastes better and it reduces the amount of cancer-causing chemicals that enter your body, there are plenty of other very good reasons why you should buy organic food. Here are just a few: Organic Meat .es From Healthier Animals The animal from which you got … Tags: What Is .anic Food And Should I Buy It? By: Gray Rollins | Feb 23rd 2006 – .anic food is the food derived from animals and plants that have been grown and raised in accordance with the strict guidelines associated with government"��s definition of the term, "��.anic."�� In order to be certified as an .anic food, food must be grown without the use of products such as manufactured fertilizers, … Tags: Learning About Food Allergies By: Gray Rollins | Feb 10th 2006 – Food allergies affect approximately 4 million Americans with symptoms that can include difficulty breathing, an outbreak of hives, asthma, vomiting, and even death. Oftentimes food allergies are confused with an inability to tolerate certain foods. Food intolerance usually brings about an entirely different set of symptoms … Tags: Save Money On Pet Foods With Your Own Gourmet Pet Food Recipies! By: Pro Content | Jan 22nd 2006 – Enjoy these Pet Food Recipies that ‘the rest’ of your family can really CHEW on! If your a pet owner like I am, no doubt you want to give your dog or cat the best care possible. And caring for your pet means feeding him the best diet you can. Tags: Food Safety Is Utmost Important While Handling Or Cooking Food By: James Hunt | Dec 26th 2005 – With all the diseases in the world today, food safety should be utmost in everyone"��s mind when handling or cooking food. The way food is handled before… Tags: 相关的主题文章: