Foreign media said Mosul besieged on all sides is armed to retreat to Syria-lformat

Foreign media said Mosul besieged on all sides: IS armed to retreat to Syria information: on November 1st, Iraqi anti-terrorism troops into the Mosul city is located in the eastern suburbs of the ancient g Jia Li district. Reference News Network November 3 news media said, the terrorist organization Islamic state (IS) leaders command entrenched left Mosul in Iraq and Mosul for more than two years to Syria militants. According to the Russian satellite network reported that in November 2nd, Nineveh province (the administrative center of Mosul) sources said: "according to the news, IS leaders have been ordered to all militants, ordered them to leave at the end of the Griess River (through Mosul) west coast and east coast, leaving for Syria. Residents in Mosul felt free for the first time in two years." Sources said the Syrian army in eastern Mosul’s record, including the occupation of the TV station, hit the terrorists morale". Had repeatedly said, with government forces approaching Mosul, the IS leadership group began to flee to La (terrorists in Syria.). The task of cutting off the flow of terrorists to Syria is on the Shiite militia, who are responsible for the battle of the western front of the battle of Mosul. IS from the hands of the liberation of Mosul’s military operations on the ground to start in the morning of October 17th. In addition to the Iraqi government forces, as well as Kurdish armed forces and the United States led the international coalition against terrorism. In October 31st, Iraqi special forces from the east to Mosul launched a surprise attack in November 1st, the Iraqi government forces from the north into Mosul, and continue to promote the city center.相关的主题文章: