Foreign students to learn how to live in the transition period of

Foreign students to learn how to live in the transition period of the past – the transition is inevitable. Some people across the transition period in a relatively short period of time, students have successfully opened in life; people spend a lot of time to adapt well to stagger on the road in the study. Transitional to exotic where Hong Jiaohong first to cross many Kaner languages and customs and cultural differences, independent life adjustment problems, students are beginning to overseas need to cross kaner. Qu Haikun is currently studying at Thailand Bangkok University. Once Thai class in the foreign language school on his high school, so there are some basic thai. But because of the study at home by the Thai Chinese teacher Professor, and the Thai people contact less and less, so early to foreign language communication is the primary problem in his face. "At the beginning, with the exchange of Thai and local people have some problems. In Thailand, there are not many people who speak English, and there are very few people who can speak English in some big shopping malls." Qu Haikun said. From years of living language, first Kaner language not familiar with just that overseas students. Life and cultural habits of different, to adapt to the understanding of the acceptance, but also a lot of time. Although the study area of Hai Kun is not far from China, but there are many differences in life and culture. For example, the sea area of Kun said: "in Thailand, most of the people in the door before they must take off shoes, even so many shops; heard the National Anthem in public places, should stop standing at attention, such as the National Anthem after the bow." At first, do not understand the cultural habits and so on, often make students encounter embarrassing scenes. In the transition period, students need to adapt not only to the domestic and international life and cultural differences, but also to face all things independently. Tong Jingyi (a pseudonym) is currently studying at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in australia. She said that from the moment he got on the plane, it was clear that the next road needs a person to go. For example, just to go abroad, I ran a lot of places to find their own houses; after the house to find a good buy furniture alone, after buying must assemble their own. There are water and electricity, broadband networks and other chores have to deal with their own." These may not have to worry about the details of life, has become a student at the beginning of foreign countries to solve the practical problems. While trying to live independently, they have to take into account the different educational environment and the new educational model of learning. Adaptation problems often have negative emotions due to the transition period students need to adapt to a lot of problems, so many students in this period prone to negative psychological emotion. "School work, most of the students are required to complete the group work together. So when we first arrived abroad, sometimes we can’t communicate well with our classmates." Qu Haikun admits, when it was thought to retreat." Difficulties in learning can lead to frustration, life problems often make students feel more lonely, more homesick. "At the beginning of the adaptation phase, for each person who has just come abroad is very difficult.相关的主题文章: