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Four weapons for parents to deal with wayward children! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual "no, don’t give me no, I won’t go home to buy Transformers!" The toy shop, the children shouted, both parents how to coax the child is not relent, stubbornly insisted. In this case, parents should do? The child has four "arms" in order to achieve a certain purpose, years of age for most children learn to use four kinds of weapons "below". Weapon spectrum ranked first: crying in order to achieve their own requirements, crying is the most common means of children. And many parents fear that the child is a move. Once the child crying, parents will surrender unconditionally not only meet the requirements of the child, and often excess complete tasks". Weapon spectrum ranked second: supplicate begging children are lovely, when he wants something to supplicate parents, few parents can withstand his gentle attack. Weapon spectrum ranked third: sichanlanda "protracted war" theory to the child too familiar. His purpose is to use the "grinding" to let the parents agreed to his request, but not until the goal! The final ranking weapon spectrum: anger pout dont talk, throwing things, do not eat…… The child anger time lasts much longer, because the child has mastered the secret of psychological warfare, impatient parents had to surrender. Parents should "challenge" outsmart the rough treatment of the child’s request is not wise, to children in need of skills. His parents must first have a good mental state and firm. Don’t think that refusing to do harm to a child is the best education for him. To cultivate a good child, then the face of unreasonable demands on his first, parents must firmly say "no", can not have the slightest. Parents can take a step back to retreat. For example, when a child wants to be able to give him something, the mother can say: "this is the mother, the mother does not need to be able to play for you, but you have to return to your mother tomorrow." Then in second days — to remind the child: "baby, put things back to her mother, after the desired time and then said to her mother." In advance that the child is generally easy to forget the pre agreed, so be sure to give him a rule, once the child broke the rules must be handled according to the rules. For example, and the children agreed: in the morning to go to work, you must get up on time, eat breakfast on time to send you to kindergarten. If you get up late, you have to give up breakfast, because you are responsible for your behavior. Once the children stay in bed, they should take away his breakfast, and told him: I am sorry, baby, we have another engagement, can not damage. Treat the child should not mean what one says "xianyihouyang". After the first suppression of the practice will make the child that parents good bully, thus unreasonable demands more and more, level is getting higher and higher, once parents do not draw相关的主题文章: