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Business A top concern for any online merchant is consumers making fraudulent purchases from their website. According to the Internet Crime Report (IC), there were 275,284 incidents of Internet fraud reported in 2008, up 33.1% from 2007. (Internet Crime Report: 2008, 1). The monetary loss to both consumers and businesses for that same year was estimated to be $264.6 million. In an ever-evolving Internet market, online merchants must be vigilant in protecting themselves from savvy scammers. While Internet fraud has been measured by IC since 2000, digital download delivery merchants experience an untold incident of fraudulent purchases, and often have no recourse but to eat the costs associated with these charges. In the 2007 e.merce Chargeback report, 65% of online merchants automatically refunded about 46% of all manually reviewed orders (e.merce Chargeback Report: 2007, pg 3). The problem for digital delivery merchants is that they suffer not only from loss of revenue on these types of fraudulent purchases, they also suffer the loss of intellectual property, loss of time in reviewing each individual order, and any associated chargeback fees. In the past there has been no resource for proving delivery of digital goods. A new tool is available to digital delivery merchants, EDDCS (Electronic Digital Delivery Confirmation Service’). EDDCS is the only service on the Internet that gives digital merchants proof of delivery on downloaded merchandise. The patent pending technology works similar to FedEx, UPS, or USPS in that it provides delivery confirmation, viewable by third parties, on downloaded merchandise. The moment an item is ready to be delivered a unique delivery confirmation code is created for delivery of that item. The item is then delivered using encoded delivery agent software on the merchants server, and delivery confirmation is updated and tracked through the EDDCS system. EDDCS works seamlessly behind the scenes, giving merchants one extra layer of chargeback fraud protection. Lets face it; Internet fraud is a real problem. According to the e.merce Chargeback Report (e.merce Chargeback Report: 2007, pg 4), 95% of merchants felt they could be doing more than they were to curb the cost of fraud. Is your .pany? EDDCS is the only tool that provides delivery confirmation of digitally delivered goods. Visit EDDCS.. for more information on how you can take advantage of this revolutionary service. It will change the way you do business on the Inter.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: