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Yoga Often there are many questions that might poke you when you decide to opt for asthanga Yoga teacher training India. Here we have discussed some of the .mon questions asked. Hope this will help you out. Frequently Asked Questions Include: How Long is the Tenure? Generally the tenure depends. It varies from one place to another. Generally they are of 200 hours spread over few months. What is the Fee? This too varies from one institute to another. Some may charge you high, some low. We have a fixed rate. The rate remains same throughout the year. What is the Mode of Payment? You can pay by online transfer or through Demand Draft drawn in name of the institute. Who is Going to Train Asthanga Yoga Teacher Training India? The training is carried out by instructors who are certified and have several years of experience. So as far as the authenticity of the course is concerned, there is nothing to worry about. What will I Learn from Asthanga Yoga Teacher Training India? You will be given a .prehensive detail of asthanga yoga so that you get a fair idea about the different postures and asanas along with which diet to follow, the kind of lifestyle that you need to live as well as how the entire training is going to improve your anatomy. Will I be Able to Teach Immediately? Yes you will be able to teach immediately. In fact classes are conducted while the training is on so that you get a firsthand experience of the same. We believe in preparing the individual in a challenging and .petitive atmosphere so that they can even perform under pressure. Is the Certificate Valid Globally? Yes. You can show it at any institute where you are applying for a job. How to Enroll? Browse the site to find out after the dates when the training will be conducted. You can either call to register or drop a mail. Browse the site to see if there are any forms that you need to fill and submit online in order to enroll. All the above mentioned questions are aimed to clear all your doubts and confusion. Read through them to get answers to your queries. In case you find any query has not been address, you can drop a mail to the institute with your required query or you can call them up as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: